Use Event Signs for Promotion & Information

Event signs are an essential part of any successful event. They can be used to promote the event, provide essential information, directions and safety.
The type of material used for a safety sign depends on what the signs are being used for, how long and of course your budget.
There is no point going for an expensive top of the range sign if it will only be used once or could get lost.

A permanent pole mounted directional sign that will be used year after year may well be made out of aluminium or dibond; an expensive initial cost but made to last.

Signage where information such as dates or acts changes tend to be one off use only and these will often be made from a corrugated plastic material often referred to as correx or plastic fluted board.

Correx event signs are lightweight weatherproof and very robust will take plenty of knocks. This popular event sign material is available in 4mm and 10mm thickness in sheet sizes up to 8′ x 4′. An average event sign would normally be 2’x3 and made from the 4mm material. Large sheets of a material would typically be used for temporary branded hoardings instead of PVC banners.
The printing of signs depends on the quantity and number of print colours. For large runs in the 100’s of signs with all the same designs in a single colour screen printing is the most economical method.

In most other case large format digital printing wins hands down. Each sign can be different at no additional set up cost and you can use as many colours as you like. Choose a digital print company who uses a flat bed uv printer. The signs will have stunning quality, be totally weatherproof and won’t fade. An alternative is to go to a large format print company who print onto vinyl then mount it onto the correx. The problem here is that the signs could delaminate so direct to panel printing wins hands down.