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Tips For Exhibition Graphic Panels

We call them graphics panels, but you may also hear them referred to as simply exhibition or trade show graphics. Nowadays the vast majority of these “display graphics” are produced using large format digital printing rather than the traditional method of using photographs and vinyl/rub down text. Large format print means your marketing or advertising […]

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The Cost of Exhibiting

Costs to consider when budgeting for your exhibition   Exhibiting can be a costly endeavour. We’ve put together this short guide to go over some of the costs associated with running a stand at an exhibition.   • Space Usually charged by the square metre. Most exhibition venues offer space only, which is exactly that, […]

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Uses Of iPads At Tradeshows

Since their introduction in 2010 the popularity and use of iPads has seen rapid growth with nearly 45 million units sold in the first 3 quarters of 2015. This rapid growth in popularity has also seen their use at tradeshows increase dramatically, gone are the days of static PCs and printed brochures, the tablet revolution […]

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