Why Pavement Signs Are Key To Successful Marketing Displays

Whether you’re trying to attract people to your stand during an exhibition or entice them to your shop on the high street, your business could undoubtedly benefit from pavement signs. Pavement signs are a truly unique method of attracting customers and visitors and can be used in conjunction with other display materials, such as banners, posters and stands, in a way that boosts their effectiveness significantly. But what exactly makes pavement signs so effective?

Perhaps the most important factor is where they are deployed. Most display materials, like posters and even exhibition graphics, tend to be either attached to your stand or shop or placed very near to it. In contrast, pavement signs, as their name suggests, are placed on the thoroughfare. This is significant because it makes them part of the environment that passers-by have to navigate. As such, potential customers are more likely to notice a pavement sign than other forms of display material.

The placement of pavement signs can also produce an interesting psychological effect. Because they are positioned further into the street or thoroughfare than the rest of your stand or shop, they effectively extend the physical presence of your business, which makes it appear larger and therefore more significant and professional.

While pavement signs are effective on their own, their true strength lies in drawing attention to the rest of your display. A well-positioned pavement sign can draw potential customers’ gazes towards your stand or shop, where the rest of your display materials are waiting to catch their eye.

Even the height of pavement signs works in their favour. Most people look slightly downwards when negotiating a busy thoroughfare, making a pavement sign more likely to be spotted by a casual by-passer than other forms of advertisement, which tend to be positioned either at or above eye-level.

It’s easy to overlook pavement signs as a marketing tool, but the reality is that they can be incredibly effective. They have the ability to attract customers’ attention, improve the presence of your business and increase the efficacy of other display materials. If you want your marketing display to be truly successful, start incorporating pavement signs. You’ll be delighted by the difference they make.