Can You Build Your Own Brand Buzz?

A business might have a foolproof plan, a unique selling point, a professionally designed website and even the backing of some sponsors, but without the buzz of publicity and client satisfaction, it will fall by the wayside. Many small businesses might list promotions and publicity as quite low on their list of priorities, but in the age of market saturation and all-encompassing coverage for certain brands, raising the profile of a company can be the one thing which contributes to success above all else. Start-ups and SMEs might not be able to justify the cost of a fleet of marketing experts who can assist with their ascent into the promotional stratosphere, but there are a great number of methods that can be used to kick-start buzz surrounding a brand.

Have An Elevator Pitch

In the world of business, no one ever knows when they are going to bump into that high-profile client, investor or contact. Having a good elevator pitch prepared and ready is vital to giving off good impressions, not just to prominent figures, but also to regular clients. A thirty-second elevator pitch should establish the ethos of a business, with a mission statement and some basic information about the product or service provided; all with a ‘hook’ to keep them interested and a business card to back it up.

Become The News

Learn how a business or organisation fits within the wider news stories of the world, then pitch a story to a local reporter or news outlet linking the two. The release of statistics from the government or another board of authority can often be used to create relevant news stories, whilst keeping up with popular culture and daily events can help start-ups and SMEs to identify how their company relates to a broader audience.

Get Networking

Establish who the most respected reporters, bloggers and journalists are within the relevant industry, and make an attempt to contact them through social media or at an industry event. Following reporters on Twitter, responding to their posts and retweeting them not only allows those running a business to keep up to date with the latest industry trends, it might also be of use if the said journalist is seeking a story.  This resourcefulness will go a long with in creating brand buzz with prospective clients.

Be Creative

Going ‘viral’ and spreading a message online might be a little more difficult than it once was, but with more people using the internet than ever before, on mobile devices as well as at their desks, the audience has never been larger. Creating a free eBook can go a long way to create brand buzz and is relatively inexpensive; those interested will be able to share it among people with similar interests and create a chain of interaction which will lead to sales. Ensure that premium exhibition stands are of a high quality and will make people sit up and take notice. Well-made YouTube videos encourage people to voluntarily spread the word, effectively generating brand buzz on the company’s behalf.