How To Hang Banners

How To Hang A Banner

One of the appeals of using banners as a marketing and promotional tool is their versatility. Banners can be hung in many different situations for either very shot term or longer term promotion both indoors and outside. We have put together some hints and tips on how to professionally hang a banner in a variety of situations.

How to Hang a Banner on a Fence

Hang a banner on a fence

There are two simple choices here. Either use cable ties (also called zip ties) or use elastic bungees. Cable ties are cheaper, but are really only for one off use. Bungees can be reused, are easy to adjust and have the added advantage of some give which keeps the banner taut and legible as well as absorbing some of the impact of wind, thereby extending the life of you banner.

Banner cables and bungees

How to Hang a Banner on a Wall

For permanent use there are aluminum tracks that can be fixed to a wall. The edge of the banner is finished with a trim which slides into the track. This is ideal if you intend to use banners as a regular promotional tool and change the banner quite frequently.

A cheaper but not as flexible alternative is to screw the banner to a wall using eyelet plates that are slightly bigger than the eyelet holes on the banner. This is just as durable, but obviously not so good when you need to change banners on a frequent basis.

For short term use or where you need to change banners frequently or take them down at night, bolt hooks are a great way of achieving this. Simply screw them into the wall, then attach your banner using elasticated bungees.

How to attach a banner to a wall

How to Hang a Banner on a Banner Frame

Our banner frames are supplied with adjustable elastic bungees which make it easy to attach you banner. Banners are made slightly smaller than the frame itself to allow you to add a bit of tension to the banner.

How to hang a banner on a banner frame

How to Attach a Banner to a Lamp Post

First of all get permission! The only way to really attach a banner to a lamppost successfully is to invest in a lamppost banner frame system. This keeps the banner taut and secure on the lamppost. Once the banner frame is attached to the lamppost, changing the banner is straight forward.

How to hang a banner to a lamppost

How to Hang a Banner Across a Street

The temptation here is to attach a rope to the eyelets on the ends of the banner. Banners are not designed to take this, instead the load needs to be distributed across the whole banner. Using the end eyelets might work short term in extremely low wind or indoors but a slight gust and the banner can rip.

We have found the most successful way to hang a banner across a street is to use secure cables. Ideally you have an upper and lower cable. Using the eyelets on the banner you hang the banner from the cables using rings or hooks. A rope is attached to each of the end eyelets to pull the banner apart. A simpler, but less secure option is to just use a top cable and use the end eyelets on the bottom of the banner. When a cross street banner is exposed it can be a good idea to have semi circular slots cut in across the street banner to reduce the wind load.

How to hang a banner across a street

How to Hang a Ceiling Banner

A simple way to hang a small banner from a ceiling is to use poster rails which clamp onto the top and bottom of the banner. For larger banners a better option is to get a banner with welded pockets. In the top pocket you can then use a hollow tube through which you feed rope to hang the banner. Alternatively you could use a wooden dowel with drilled ends to take a hanging rope on either end. The bottom pocket is used to take a weighted pole to keep the banner hanging straight and easy to read.

Ceiling Banner

How to Hang a Banner on Scaffold

To hang a small printed banner from scaffolding, a good option is to buy a banner with welded pockets which slide over the scaffold poles. Tension is then put on the

banner by adjusting the distance between the poles.

Larger banners can be attached using eyelets with cable ties or elasticated bungees. With scaffold banners it is always a good idea to consider a mesh banner to reduce the impact of wind hitting the banner.

How to hang a banner on scaffold