Pop Up Stands Guide

Pop Up Stands Guide

Pop Up display stands provide an eye-catching backdrop to promote your business or services at exhibitions, trade shows and events. This guide aims to provide you with all you need to know about pop up exhibition stands from choosing the right stand for your display, assembly and accessories to enhance your stand.

Pop Up Stand DisplayWhat Pop Up Display is for you?

Pop Up display stands come in a range of sizes as well as a choice of panel materials depending upon your requirements. The biggest factors influencing your choice of display will be the available budget and the space you have for your display as some exhibitions and trade shows may have more limited demonstration areas. Pop up stands from Discount Displays are available from a single width panel to five panels across.

Choose between a full graphic pop up display or a fabric panel pop up display. The graphic exhibition stand includes graphic panels of your choice, either with your artwork or artwork designed by our highly experience in-house team; replacement panels are available so if you decide to update your display you do not need to replace the entire pop up. In contrast, fabric panel display stands are a more budget friendly pop up option, finished with loop nylon fabric panels in a variety of colours, this fabric allows the use of Velcro to attach the graphics and information of your choice.

How to Assemble

Assembling one of our pop up display systems is a simple process designed to be put together as quickly as possible with ease. The frame opens up and expands to get the basic structure of the display stand, then simply lock the arms into position, connect the magnetic bars to the frame and unroll each flexible panel attaching them to the magnetic bars. Once assembled and the panels are fitted they made needs some adjusting to line up perfectly.

For more detailed information on assembling one of our pop up display systems, take a look at the video below:

Additional Accessories

Having the right accessories can further enhance your promotional back drop. We would recommend considering the Ellipse Wheeled Transport Drum; a robust exhibition stand transportation drum, making it the ideal way to store and transport your pop up display stand safely whilst protecting the display from any damages.

Additionally, the PowerSpot 1000 pop up stand light is designed to flood your display with light and enhance your graphics for maximum impact. These are a very popular add-on included in most pop up display orders.

Getting your Graphics Right

A pop up display is an excellent way to enhance your business image at trade shows, exhibitions and events. However first impressions count and having the correct graphics are of the ultimate importance if you want to attract the right attention and optimise the use of your pop up display system. At Discount Displays there is the option of consulting with our highly experienced in-house design team who for a small fee will use the latest design software to create the perfect graphic to suit your requirements and truly maximise the impact of your pop up stand.

Why Choose Discount Displays for your Pop Up?

We want to deliver the best product possible to our customers so we have tried and tested every exhibition display pop up stand on the market and concluded that the exhibition express stand is the best for ease of use, value and durability. Our pop up stand graphics are designed with vibrant colour and made with a strong, scratch proof laminate and anti-glare finish to ensure maximum exposure.

Discount Displays have a vast amount of experience in the industry, selling hundreds of exhibition displays and systems each year; meaning that we have the knowledge behind us to provide you with a quality display with guaranteed lowest prices. In fact, we are so certain of the quality of our pop up stand frames that all our systems are backed with a 10 year guarantee. Our team are highly rated for their fantastic pre and after sales service and are always available to provide customer support and advice.

For more information on our pop up displays systems or any other product or service we offer, please contact us on 0844 800 1020 or alternatively email us at sales@discountdisplays.co.uk.