The Hidden Meaning Behind Brand Adverts

What’s the purpose of an advertisement? There are many possible interpretations of this question, but the real purpose of advertising is to tell a relevant story, or a narrative that plays on the emotions of the viewer and makes the subject relatable. By doing this, and engaging in this way, we can connect with viewers a lot more.

These types of adverts can hit on a wide variety of emotions, which can take viewers on an emotional roller-coaster. These feelings can range from inspiration, awe, love, gratitude, respect, but adverts can also make use negative emotions.

Many of these adverts can portray hidden messages. Below, we explore a selection of our favourite adverts or marketing campaigns. Click on the infographic to view the full size version.


The Hidden Meaning Behind Brand Adverts



Video Locations:

  1. Man On The Moon – 2015 Christmas advert by John Lewis
  2. Buster the Boxer – 2016 Christmas advert by John Lewis
  3. The Christmas Truce of 1914 – 2014 Christmas advert by Sainsbury’s
  4. Find Your Greatness Campaign – 2012 advert by Nike
  5. Hear What You Want Campaign – 2013 advert by Beats
  6. For Real Beauty Campaign – 2014 advert by Dove
  7. Web is What You Make of It, Dear Sophie Campaign – 2012 advert by Chrome
  8. Your Life, The Ultimate Experience Campaign – 2014 advert by GoPro
  9. Red Bull Gives You Wings – 2002 advert by Red Bull
  10. Shoes for Tomorrow – 2006 advert by TOMS
  11. Unsung Hero – 2014 advert by Thai Life Insurance
  12. Silence of Love – 2011 advert by Thai Life Insurance