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Why You Should Market At A Trade Show

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They are an incredibly popular way to promote and market products and services, as well as maintaining or heightening brand awareness for businesses across the country. But what is it about exhibitions and trade shows that keeps more than 265,000 exhibitors and 13 million visitors coming back for more?

Tim Fuller, Managing Director of Discount Displays, one of the UK’s premier suppliers of display stands for use at exhibitions and trade shows, says, “Exhibitions are big businesses, and not just for the big brands. Smaller businesses are finding whole new markets when they go to trade shows, and it is boosting their profits and increasing their brand awareness exponentially. The exhibition scene in the UK is stronger than ever as people attempt to combat the effects of recession, and with millions of visitors expected to visit trade shows this year, it is becoming harder for businesses to find an excuse not to attend their local expo.”

One of the most common reasons for people packing up their exhibition displays and attending a trade show is its cost-effectiveness when compared with the results. Even the simplest of booths, when designed well, can have a huge impact at a trade show. Providing visitors with an interactive environment with which to converse with highly-trained staff members about the benefits of their service or their product can be extremely beneficial to the business, and it won’t break the bank. Targeted marketing can often be expensive, but trade shows allow businesses to target their key demographic, and reach thousands of clients all at once.

Statistics have shown that 40% of potential customers end up becoming new customers after an in-person meeting, compared with just 16% of potential customers if they don’t converse face to face with a member of staff. These figures speak for themselves, and are another ringing endorsement for the exhibition industry. Having the opportunity to speak to interested parties in person is always a great addition to any sales pitch; selling and promoting is much more difficult over the phone or the internet. In real life, the sales representatives can provide a relaxed and informal overview of their services and products, and tackle any queries that potential customers might have without navigating email replies or answer machine messages.

Exhibitions also allow for a number of additional features, including giveaways. Unless it is a discount code or another virtual gift, it is hard to offer gifts and giveaways over the phone or across the internet. With an exhibition or a trade show, businesses are encourage to hand out free samples of products, giveaway items that will keep the brand name present in the visitors’ minds, and any other items they feel might benefit them. Around 40% of global companies have declared an increase in sales as a result of certain giveaway strategies at exhibitions and other events, so hopping on this particular bandwagon could be a great move for a growing business.


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  1. I attend several car shows for my market every year, not just as a guest but as an exhibitor. It’s a great way to keep in touch with existing clients, meet new clients and stay on top of market news within your own business industry. Like you said, its a great stepping stone for start-ups.

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