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Custom PVC advertising banners delivered fast. We have been printing full colour custom printed PVC event banners for the last 25 years. Vinyl banner also referred to as PVC are our most popular type with canvas or tyvex as an option. We use Large format digital printing to create full colour exhibition vinyl banners and outdoor advertising banners that are sure to make your event or promotion a success. We combine low cost with very fast turnaround. PVC banners are ideal for a wide range of marketing activities. Trade shows, road shows, product launches, outdoor events, sports events, schools, marketing campaigns, advertising and even exhibitions. Read More
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PVC Banners

Key Benefits:
  • Stunning Full Colour Weather Proof PVC Banners
  • Printed on tough 510gsm nylon reinforced Vinyl Banner PVC
  • Double thickness turned edges & eyelets
  • Eco Friendly Latex Fade resistant Inks
  • Outstanding 6 colour 1400dpi priniting*
  • Fire retardant (B1)
  • In house design service
  • Discounts for buying in bulk
  • Delivery: 2-5 Days
As soon as we receive your PVC banner order, we will contact you either by telephone or e-mail, and confirm the details of your custom printed banner then arrange the mailing of any artwork or company logo's that you wish to use. We will then make a proof design of your PVC banner and e-mail it back to you time permitting. Once approved we go ahead and print your banner on one of our vinyl printers.

• If you have a specific deadline for your PVC banner please make sure we know.
• Once you are happy with the banner design, and we receive your payment, we will proceed with making your banner, and as soon as it is ready - usually within 48 hours, we will mail it to you.

We have been banner printing banners in London for the last 25 years that makes us one of the leading banner printing uk PVC banner suppliers - fast reliable outdoor PVC banner service. Birthdays, Celebrations, Band Banners, Event Banners banners vinyl printed banner delivered quick. So for a low priced vinyl banner look no further for more printed banners visit our large format printing site printed banners.

See our product FAQ for more information.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU pvc-banners
Type Outdoor Graphics
Graphic Size Custom Size
avpbaseprice No
Usage No
Durability No
Material No
Indoor / Outdoor No
Weight No
Print Eco Friendly Latex Inks
Banner Finish No
Finishing Welded Edges or Pockets for poles
Best Seller Yes

At the cart stage you will have the option to upload your own artwork file or use our in-house design service.
Our team will then contact you to approve your artwork or discuss your requirements.

Important Artwork Notes:
Positional proof - This proof is usually a laser or inkjet run off which we can only use for positional accuracy. Positional proofs cannot be used for colour matching.

2) Colour matching. If you send a match print or other hard copy printed material (i.e. letterhead, brochure) we will check your file prior to printing. If we cannot achieve a reasonable match we will call you to discuss. It is not always possible to match pantone colours using CMYK printers. Our printers and media are carefully calibrated but if no colour proof is provided we can only print what is supplied on disk.

Please make sure that the artwork files you send match our specification. We cannot be held responsible for errors that occur resulting form artwork supplied that does not meet our specification and reserve the right to charge for any remedial work prior to printing. Correct artwork means no additional charges or time delays.For more information on preparing your artwork please click here.
For help and advice please call us and speak to the artwork department 0844 800 1020.
Q: Why use banner PVC?

A: PVC banner material is the most popular material for making personalised banners. It consists of a strong nylon inner mesh that makes it durable and rip resistant. The mesh is then coated with a smooth PVC to the front. We use a white PVC banner material and custom print colours onto the banner using state of the art wide format vinyl printers.

Q: How long will my printed banner last?

A: Banners are intended for temporary signage. How long they last depends on where and how they are used. Banners used indoors they will last many years. Outdoor the limiting factor will be how the banner is hung and the weather. A PVC banner fixed to a wall will last years a banner strung across a road in a windily location will have a much shorter life span. The inks we use are UV stable and weather resistant and will give at least 3 years use before any noticeable colour fade. In shady locations they will last longer.

Q: How should I look after my PVC banner?

A: Make sure that they do not flap against awnings, wall, or sharp edges. Banner should be taken down in high wind conditions. Use all the eyelets to secure you banner rather than just the end ones. When storing you banner make sure it is rolled with the graphics facing inwards. Folding a PVC banner will leave unsightly creases. Ideally store you banner in a tube.

Q: Are your banner inks suitable for indoor use as well?

A: We use eco friendly latex inks which are UV stable for outdoor use but have the added benefit of being odourless making them ideal for indoor banners. Solvent banners can give off an unpleasant smell in confined areas.

Q: Can you design the banner for me?

A:If you don't have a banner design that is no problem, we can create a design for you. All we need is a brief and the design elements such as text, preferred fonts and colours and any images you may wish to use. Alternatively you could choose from our range of pre designed banners, which include Birthday banners, Christmas banners, Valentine Banners and many more categories

Q: Banner sizes?

A: One of the benefits of banners is that there are few size restrictions. Our printer can print full colour banners in once piece up to 2.5m wide by 50m long!. For wider PVC banners such as building wraps and hoardings, pieces of banner material can be welded together to create a seamless graphic. So there is pretty much no limit on banner size. Our most common banner size is 10' x 3'.

Q: Banner design tips?

A:Keep it simple. Often people only have seconds to see your banner. Use block letter fonts for important information rather than fancy scripts. Don't stretch words to much out of proportion, Use high dark colours on a light background of light colours on a dark background.

Q: How do I provide the artwork?

A: The design you provide for your PVC banner will be checked prior to printing to make sure the file has the information we need to produce an banner that makes you stand out. If there are any issues we will contact you to discuss remedies prior to printing as long as time permits.

Q: How will my banner be finished?

A: Most PVC banners are finished with turned edges. Doubling over the edges gives additional strength to the banner and also creates a strong base for fitting eyelets. Banners can also be made with simply cut edges which would be used for example on an interior hanging banners. Pockets can also be made in the banner which are ideal for scaffold banners or hanging retail banners where a top pole and weighted bottom pole can be used for hanging.

Q: How should I hang my banner?

A:Banners can be used in many locations making them an ideal advertising method. Most PVC banners are finished with turned edges and eyelets. To attach you banner to a fence or banner frame we recommend elastic bungees. These are adjustable so you can position the banner in the best way possible. Banner bungees also take up some of the strain off the grommets as the banner moves in the wind extending banner lifespan. Cable ties can also be used but don't have any give and can't be reused. Rope is also fine but it takes longer to put you banner up. Whichever method you use try to use all the eyelets to spread the load and make you banner last longer. If you are fixing your personalised banner straight to a wall you can use washers and screws and fix direct to the wall through the eyelets. If you are thinking of hanging your PVC banner across a street. (please consider a blackout banner) do not just hang the banner for the eyelets on either end. String wire cables across the street and hang your banner from the wire using carabiner hooks through the eyelets.

Q: Banner reading distances?

A: As a rough guide if you multiply the height of letters on your banner by 10 that would give you optimum viewing distance in feet. So a 12" letter would be fine at 120 feet. The maximum readable distance would be about 500 feet. PVC banners London

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