Advice for First Exhibition

Advice for Your First Exhibition

Are you about to embark on a new chapter of your business life, by attending an exhibition? If so, there are probably a million and one different things you are worried about, ranging from first impressions through to the logistics of how it all works. Luckily for you, we have been to loads of exhibitions and know exactly what to expect, and we now want to pass on some of our top tips to you. So below you’ll find some of the most important advice we can think of, to ensure your first exhibition goes as smoothly as possible…

Start Small

Your first exhibition is going to be a steep learning curve, so there is no point spending huge amounts of money at the same time. Get a small pitch and allow yourself time to understand how the dynamics work – try new things, speak to people and generally get a feel for the different aspects of everything. Once you understand how everything works, you can consider upping the stakes and going for a pitch that’s a bit more elaborate.

Know Your Product Inside Out

At an exhibition, people are going to talk to you, and they could ask any one of a million different questions – questions they will expect you to be able to answer without a second thought. If you can’t give them good, solid answers, they will have no confidence in the product and will simply move on to the next stall, losing you sales and damaging your reputation. So, spend weeks – if not months – swotting up on every single aspect of your business, from figures through to product features.

Plan Your Display Carefully

A good display draws in the crowds, but a bad one will ensure they keep on walking and that your reputation is negatively affected. This means that you should keep the design and colours uniform throughout the display, from the smallest poster through to the largest pieces of furniture. Also, think about how inviting you make your stall. Open spaces will attract the visitor in, but a cluttered display with objects barring their way in will not encourage them to come and speak with you.

Protect Your Valuables

Unfortunately, even at exhibitions, there could be less honest people around – people who are waiting for an unsuspecting vendor to leave a laptop or expensive product lying around unguarded. Therefore, make sure you take measures to secure your most expensive items – really expensive items should also be insured prior to attending the exhibition.

Find Out Everything Beforehand

Before you arrive at the exhibition, you should know absolutely everything about the space you will be occupying. This means you need to find out the exact dimensions, what other businesses will be in the area (particularly next to you), what the footfall is like and even whether there are electrical sockets to use. All of this information will help you plan the best possible display, and therefore give you the best possible chance of having a successful first exhibition!