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Cable Displays Buyers Guide

What are cable displays used for?

Ideally, cable displays are best used for wall and window promotions. You may well have seen them used as estate agent displays, in travel agents windows and in shops as retail displays. They offer a cost effective and versatile way to display posters and literature in offices, retail spaces, opticians, dentists and doctor surgeries.

Cable display system components

The main component of a cable display is the wire kit itself. This comprises a 4m stainless steel cable that can be cut to suit your shop window or office wall. Cables are 1.5mm thick but can support up to 120kg. The cable has a bottom fitting with a tensioning spring and a top fitting. The type of top and bottom cable display fitting depends on whether you want to fit the cables from the floor to ceiling (the most common), the floor to a wall or wall to wall. Click here to see images of these fittings.

How to install cable displays

Cable displays are easy to install with some basic DIY skills and tools. Installation varies slightly depending on what type of cable display system you are installing, but the principle remains the same.

How to install cable displays

How far you space the cables apart depends on a couple of factors. Firstly you need to decide if you want a continuous wall of posters or if you want to have gaps between them. In the picture below the left and right hand units are single columns, whereas the centre unit comprises of a single column with an add on unit.

Cable display spacing

How to fit poster holders and literature holders

Once you have fixed your window display wire cables you are ready to fit your poster holders and literature dispensers. These are attached using cable clamps, which can be attached anywhere along the wire length, giving you the flexibility to position the poster holder wherever you want.

Cable clamps only take a couple of seconds to fit using an Allen key. Cable clamps are available to take a single or double poster holders in small or large sizes. Larger sized clamps take panels up to 8mm thick. They cost more, are slightly easier to fix and look more imposing.

Small cable display clamps are the most popular and are supplied as standard with our kits. They are cheaper, hold panels up to 4mm thick but require more accuracy when fitting them.

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