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Literature Stands, Leaflet Holders & Brochure Racks

Why wait a week? Many of our literature stands are in stock for next day delivery at incredibly low prices. We have put together a selection of literature racks and leaflet holders that ensure no matter your requirements, you'll find a product to display your magazines, brochures, leaflets and other promotional media in style.

Ideal for exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, reception and offices, we have brochure racks that are available in floor standing or wall mounted options. Additionally, we stock desktop and counter leaflet holders and portable brochure stands, giving you the perfect opportunity to maximise your marketing and advertising space.

Ideal for trade shows and exhibitions. Portable folding stands.
Counter and Desktop Literature Holdersfrom £1
Range of literature dispensers and leaflet holders for desktops and counters.
Floor Standing Literature Standsfrom £39
Floor standing brochure holders, literature stands and leaflet racks.
Mobile Literature Racksfrom £112
Lightweight and portable mobile literature racks on wheels. Ideal for promotions.
Wall Mounted Literature Displays
Ideal for retail, offices and showrooms. Wall mounted literature displays and leaflet dispensers.
Rotating Literature Racks
Revolving brochure holders and carousel literature displays for holding a large volume of literature.
Brochure Holders with Posters
Range of brochure holder leaflet stands with poster frames for custom branding.
Hanging Brochure Holders
Suspended cable leaflet dispensers and hanging brochure holders.
Outdoor Literature Holder
Lidded acrylic literature holder for displaying brochures and leaflets outdoors.

What Are Literature Racks?

Literature racks are one of our most versatile types of product due to the variety of applications they can be used in. As the name suggests, they are primarily used to hold and display all types of literature such as brochures, magazines, flyers, menus, leaflets and instructional handouts. The pocket size is usually designed to hold a certain size piece of literature with popular options being A3, A4 and A5. Some literature racks have large shelves that aren't constrained to a particular size. When pocket depth is mentioned regarding literature stands, this allows you to work out how many pieces of your promotional literature each shelf or pocket can hold. The shelves holding your promotional literature will often have a lipped edge and are slanted at an angle to ensure they are at optimal viewing angle for people passing by.

We have seen brochure racks and literature stands used in many environments including offices, trade shows, receptions, museums, schools and retail environments, amongst many others. Our range of exhibition literature stands and floor standing leaflet holders provides your potential customers easy access to your brochures and leaflets. Literature displays are usually constructed from either metal, acrylic, wire mesh or wood and many of our range of brochure holders are available in a selection of colours to compliment your surroundings. They are a cost effective way to display your literature either on their own or as part of a larger display stand.

The main types of literature stands we supply fall under the following categories; portable brochure holders, floor standing literature racks, countertop displays, magazine racks with wheels, wall mounted brochure displays, poster display literature stands, cable suspended holders, rotating display stands, and outdoor literature holders. More information about our types of literature displays can be found below.

Many of our brochure holders and literature racks are available in stock for next day delivery and we have options to suit all budgets and requirements. Whether you want an outdoor brochure holder, wall mounted brochure holder, wall mounted literature racks with plexi glass shelves, single pocket brochure holders or specialist multi pocket acrylic stands we have something to display your sales leaflets in a professional and eye-catching way. If you need any further help choosing a literature stand call our team on 020 8664 5660 or contact us today.

Types Of Literature Stands

Portable Folding Brochure Holders

The most popular type of literature stand, ideal for trade shows and exhibitions and generally with next day delivery. Our range of portable folding brochure holders is strong, lightweight and easy to use making them ideal for displaying your sales and corporate literature. They are designed to fold down when not in use, making them easy to store and transport. When needed they can be assembled in a matter of seconds, ready to display your brochures. Popular portable literature racks include our A4 6 pocket leaflet dispenser, lightweight fabric brochure racks such as the Eco Brocha literature rack which rolls flat for very small storage or our best selling Zed up folding brochure holder that are all available with next day delivery.

Floor Standing Brochure Racks

These literature holders have a fixed or wheeled base that is used on a flat floor surface. As they can not be taken down as easily as the portable range, they are considered useful for permanent and semi-permanent applications such as in offices, retail environments and showrooms. Our free standing literature racks are available with rotating options, racks with storage compartments and in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

Counter and Desktop Leaflet Holders

Smaller literature displays, designed to either hold a single piece of literature such as a menu, or to hold larger quantities of smaller formats such as leaflets and business cards. They are generally used on tables, counters and desktops at exhibitions or at a point of sale area. Sometimes made from metal or wood, Acrylic, however, is our most popular type of counter top literature holder. Acrylic literature holders are often referred to as plastic literature organiser or perspex brochure holders and are a cost effective way of presenting your printed company information to potential customers. Our desktop and counter leaflet holder range includes stackable literature organisers, menu holders, business card displays and even suggestion boxes. Popular sizes include 1/3 A4, A4, A5 and A6.

Mobile Literature Racks

Part of our range of floor standing holders come with wheels on the base, making them easy to move around the floor and even into a cupboard when not in use. Unlike the portable racks, these are not as easy to collapse down, so are more useful as a longer term literature display.

Wall Mounted Literature Displays

As the name suggests, these are brochure holders that are attached to interior walls and are available in a selection of literature sizes. Our wall mounted brochure holders are a popular choice for offices, schools, hospitals and information points. This is a great option to go with to hold a large amount of literature without sacrificing floor space.

Poster Display Brochure Holders

Combining a large point of focus in a poster display with a literature holder is a great way to capture people's attention and then give them some more information in the form of your promotional material. You will see these used in both exhibition and retail situations, such as cinemas and reception areas.

Hanging Brochure Holders

Used in windows, facing inwards, or as part of a floor standing unit, these leaflet holder pockets are suspended on cables. They are the ultimate choice in versatility as different sized pockets can be swapped in and out depending on your requirements. Popular literature pocket sizes include A5, A4 and 1/3 A4.

Outdoor Literature Holders

Although generally used for indoor displays and promotions, there is sometimes a need for an outdoor brochure holder, so we have you covered! Designed to withstand the elements your literature will be protected by the covering lid.

Rotating Literature Racks

Maximise your space with a carousel literature holder, perfect for holding gift cards, postcards, newspapers and brochures. The stable base of our rotating literature holders ensure that they work fantastically in areas of heavy foot traffic.