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Retractable Barriers

Retractable barriers, also known as a queue barrier or belt barrier is a versatile crowd management system often used in fast food restaurants, shops, and cinemas. They are called retractable due to the nature of the belt system which rolls itself up into the cassette for ease of storage. They come in a wide range of styles from free-standing to wall mounted and have an incredibly wide range of different features. In recent years they have become very popular due to them being a cost-effective and flexible way to organise queues and add efficiency.

We stock a wide variety of belt barriers that are available in a choice of post finishes, base options and belt colours. We even offer belts with printed messages on them. Choose from great value bundle kits or individual belt stanchions including a range of wall mounted and floor standing barriers from Tensator.

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  1. Tensabarrier® Popular Post with 2.3m Retractable Belt
    Tensabarrier® Popular Post with 2.3m Retractable Belt
    Price from £52.50 was £74.00
    • Cost effective Tensator barrier
    • Plastic post with a choice of 4 finishes
    • Choose from 23 belt styles
    • 2.3m long retractable belt
    • Heavy duty cast iron base
    • Use indoor or outdoor
  2. Cheap Retractable Belt Barrier
    QueueWay Retractable Barriers - Black Post / Black Belt - IN STOCK NEXT DAY DELIVERY
    Price from £71.50 was £100.00
    • Economy QueueWay barrier
    • In Stock - Next Day Delivery
    • Black post / 2.3m black belt
    • Belt braking system
    • Sturdy base with full floor protector
    • Tensator 2 year warranty
  3. QueueWay Retractable Barriers - Silver Post / Black Belt
    QueueWay Retractable Barriers - Silver Post / Black Belt - IN STOCK NEXT DAY DELIVERY
    Price from £85.50 was £120.00
    • 2.3m Economy crowd control barrier
    • In stock - Next Day Delivey
    • Silver post with black belt
    • Sturdy filled base with full floor protector
    • Tensator 2 year warranty
    Best Seller
  4. Yellow Retractable Outdoor Queue Barrier with Black/Yellow Belt
    Yellow Retractable Outdoor Queue Barrier with Black/Yellow Belt
    • Outdoor use retractable belt barrier
    • 63.5mm diameter yellow post
    • 3m long yellow/black belt
    • Safety belt braking system
    • 4-way connector for joining posts together
    • Post height: 925mm
  5. Powder Coated Black - Black Belt
    Tensabarrier Rollabarrier® Post - 3.65m Dual Belt
    Price from £165.50 was £232.00
    • Dual line retractable safety belt barrier
    • Tensator dual belt system
    • Rollabarrier® provides easy of storage and movement
    • Multiple belt and post colour choices
    • 3.65m Belt
  6. Powder Coated Black - Black Belt
    Tensator Rollabarrier® Post - 2.3m Dual Belt
    Price from £137.50 was £192.00
    • Dual line retractable safety barrier
    • Tensator advance dual belt system
    • Rollabarrier® design makes for easy transport and storage
    • Multiple belt and post colour choices
    • 2.3m Belt
  7. Tensabarrier® Advance Max Queue Barrier - 3.65m Belt
    Tensabarrier® Advance Max Queue Barrier - 3.65m Belt
    Price from £91.00 was £128.00
    • Advance Tensabarrier® - 3.65m
    • Choice of 10 post finishes
    • Webbing available in 15 styles
    • Patented braking system for safety
    • Low-profile base for accessibility
    • Premium quality barrier system
    • Comes ready assembled
    Best Seller
  8. Advanced Tensabarrier - 2.3m
    Tensabarrier® Advance Queue Barrier - 2.3m Belt
    Price from £76.50 was £108.00
    • Advance Tensabarrier® - 2.3m
    • Choice of 10 post options
    • Webbing available in 22 styles
    • Slow release patented belt brake
    • Low-profile base for accessibility
    • No assembly required
    Best Seller
  9. Rollabarrier Tensabarrier 2.3m
    Rollabarrier Tensabarrier® 2.3m
    Price from £92.50 was £130.00
    • Wheeled queue management barrier
    • Rollabarrier Tensabarrier® 2.3m
    • Packed with premium features
    • Range of Post and Belt Colours
    • Stack up to 3 posts together
    • Wheeled for easy movement
  10. Extra wide Polished Chrome Barrier
    Wide Webbing Retractable Belt Tensabarrier®
    Price from £107.00 was £150.00
    • Slim profile cast iron base
    • 2m long retractable barrier
    • Triple width 150mm webbing
    • Range of post and webbing colours
    • 4 way anti tamper connector
    • 2-year Tensator Guarantee
  11. Portable Retractable Barrier
    Heavy Duty Portable Tensabarrier® 3.65m
    Price from £60.70 was £85.00
    • Outdoor heavy-duty barrier
    • 3.65m retractable webbing
    • Post available in 5 colours
    • Heavy-duty recycled base
    • Stackable for easy storage
    • Post can be separated from base
    • Post height: 960mm
  12. Red Case - Red/White Chevron Belt
    Tensabarrier® Heavy Duty Wall Mount
    Price from £45.00 was £63.00
    • Heavy duty wall mount barrier
    • Tensator 2 year guarantee
    • Industrial style made to last
    • Choice of 5 cases and 8 belts
    • 2.3m military grade belt
  13. Retractable Safety Barriers
    Retractable Belt Safety Tensabarrier®
    Price From £100.00
    • Retractable safety barrier
    • Red or yellow post colours
    • Anti-scuff base
    • 2.3m or 3.65m retractable belts
    • Selection of webbing colours
    • 970mm post height
  14. ProQ Wall Mounted Belt Barriers 2m or 4m
    Belt Barrier Wall Unit with Safety Release 2m or 4m wide
    Price from £25.95
    • Wall mounted retractable belt barrier
    • Wall bracket supplied with ALL fittings
    • Available in two lengths 2m or 4m
    • 50mm deep webbing available in black, red, yellow & black striped or red & white striped
  15. Midi 4.6m Tensabarrier
    Wall Mounted Belt Barrier - Tensabarrier® 4.6m Retractable Safety Tape
    Price from £43.50 was £61.00
    • 4.6m long retractable safety tape
    • Midi wall mounted Tensabarrier®
    • Durable plastic case in 4 colours
    • Selection of webbing colours and printed messages
    • Includes receiver clip
  16. Industrial 23m Belt Barrier
    Tensabarrier® XL 23m Industrial Retractable Belt Barrier
    • 23m long High-vis webbing
    • Weatherproof Powdercoated Steel
    • NightView™ Ultra-reflective webbing
    • Handwound mechanism
    • Ideal for Hazardous conditions
  17. Mini Wall Unit
    Wall Mounted Belt Barrier - Tensabarrier® Mini Wall Unit - 2.3m / 3.65m
    Price from £46.50 was £58.00
    • Takes up no floor space
    • 2.3m or 3.65m retractable belt length
    • Choice of unit colours
    • 50mm wide webbing available in selection of colours or printed messages
  18. Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier - Extra Wide Webbing
    Tensator Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier - Extra-wide Webbing
    Price From £85.00
    • 2m long wall mounted retractable barrier
    • Extra wide 150mm webbing
    • Choice of end cap colours
    • Choose webbing colour or printed message on both sides
  19. WallPro Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier (Available in 6 Colours)
    4.6m or 7.6m Wall Mounted Queue Management Barrier
    Price From £49.00
    • Wall mounted retractable barrier
    • 4.6m or 7.6m belt lengths
    • Choice of 6 housing colours
    • 26 belt tape designs
    • Various belt and and mounting options
    • Belt brake mechanism
  20. Health and safety extra long barrier
    Tensabarrier® Maxi Wall Mounted 7.7m / 9m
    Price from £81.50 was £114.00
    • Maxi Tensabarrier® wall mount
    • 7700 or 9000mm belt lengths
    • High-durability 0.89mm webbing
    • Unique Tensator safety braking system
    • Sleek plastic case in a range of colours
    • Fixings and wall receiver included
  21. Tensabarrier Sign Holder Landscape
    Tensabarrier® A4 Sign Holder
    Price From £39.00
    • Tensabarrier® sign holder
    • Suitable for A4 paper posters
    • Portrait or landscape
    • Black or polished chrome finish
    • Quality metal construction
    • Use with Tensabarrier® & Queueway
  22. Industrial Retractable Tensabarrier
    Utility Tensabarrier® Industrial Retractable Barrier
    Price From £95.00
    • Choose high vis red or yellow steel post finishes
    • 2.3m long webbing
    • Webbing can be printed with chevrons or safety message
    • Black plastic anti-scuff base
  23. Tensaclear TCL Belt Barrier
    Tensaclear™ Clear Retractable Belt Barrier
    Price from £57.50 was £81.00
    • Mobile marketing barrier
    • Simply add products or graphics
    • Compatable with all Tensator posts
    • Choice of 2.3m or 3.65m belts
    • Ideal for sales promotions
  24. Poster Barrier System
    Cafe Barrier Poster Holder Frame
    Price From £95.00
    • Double sided snap frame for barriers
    • Aluminium snap shut poster frame
    • Correx plastic centre panel
    • Takes posters or a rigid printed graphic panel
    • Visible area - 1160 (w) x 610mm (h)
  25. Heavy-duty twin belt barrier
    Tensator Dual Line Facility Post
    Price from £78.50 was £110.00
    • Outdoor Dual Belt Barrier
    • UV resistant plastic post
    • 3.65m tape so fewer post needed
    • Heavy-duty recycled rubber base
    • 2-year Tensator guarantee
  26. Retractable Belt Barrier Double Strap Safety Barrier
    Dual Line Tensabarrier Advance - 2.3m Dual Belt
    Price from £114.50 was £160.00
    • Double strap retractable belt safety barrier
    • Tensabarrier advance dual line
    • Stops poeple ducking under belts
    • Choice of post & belt available
    • 2.3m Belt
  27. Skipper Retractable Barrier
    Skipper 9m Retractable Belt Barrier System
    Price From £93.99
    • Crowd control barrier system
    • Ideal for social distancing
    • Unique 9m retractable belt unit
    • High visibility orange post
    • Option for 2 safety belt colours
    • Use indoors or outdoors
  28. Skipper™ Suction Pad Receiver Mount
    Skipper™ Suction Pad Receiver Mount
    • Suction pad receiver mount
    • Attach a Skipper™ belt barrier to the clip on the bracket
    • Strong lever arm holds suction pad securely in place
    • Use with glass or high gloss surfaces
    • Ensure surface is clean and dry before applying
    • Professional black finish
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About Our Retractable Barriers

It is impossible to go to a high street or shopping centre in the UK without seeing a retractable barrier and for good reason. The simplicity of the belt system and the ability to move the posts easily make creating a queue or crowd control area a simple task.

So what is a retractable barrier? Simply put it is either a free standing post (sometimes called a stanchion) or wall mounted unit that contains a tape belt made from durable material. Think of a measuring tape and the mechanism is similar. To create a barrier you simply clip the belt from one post onto the receiver at the top of another post.

What makes belt barriers even more appealing is that as the belt retracts into the post, they are easy to move and store when not in use.

We have crafted a range of retractable belt barriers to ensure your business stays safe and efficient, whether it be to control the flow of pedestrian foot traffic, for queue barriers, to keep people away from displays or to restrict access to certain areas. You can choose from a wide selection of floor standing and wall mounted barriers available in a choice of post and base styles, colours and belt options. The most popular post colours are black or silver, although yellow is a great choice if you need a bit of extra visibility, for instance to cordon off areas that could be a health and safety hazard. When it comes to the belt design, most people choose a red or black retractable belt, but we also offer many other variations including block colours, alternating stripes or even a printed message.

The amount of barriers you will need depends on the space you are covering and the belt length of your chosen stanchion. The most popular belt length is 2m long, but the retractable nature means they function the same at any distance up to the maximum length of the belt. You will need at least two posts in order to attach the belt from one to the other. Alternatively you can use a wall mounted belt barrier that comes with its own receiver clip.

We know how important belt barriers are to both the safety of your customers and employees so we have ensured all our posts undergo rigorous testing and we only work with brands have have a proven track record of delivering high quality barriers that won't let you down. We are exclusive stockists of the ProQ range of belt barriers as well as being a reseller of Tensabarriers, which are world renowned in the queue management industry.

When it comes to safety, our barriers have features such as slow release belt braking systems so the belt doesn't snap back when released, which could potentially cause an injury.

Most of our range of retractable belt barriers are intended to be used indoors, but we do also offer outdoor belt barriers that can withstand the elements.

You can complete your queue control system with one of our sign holders that attach to the top of the post and enable you to display a printed A4 piece of paper or poster. Perfect for a POS promotion or as an information sign.

As well as individual stanchions, we also offer great value barrier bundle kits. Choose the number of posts you want and save big when compared to buying the posts individually. You can find our bundles at the top of this page.

Read our retractable barriers buyers guide for more information and help choosing the perfect barrier. If you would rather speak to one of our team, call us on 020 8664 5660 or send us a message for expert advice.