Advertising Flags, Flagpoles and Bunting

Event and retail Advertising flags. Our in-house design and printing studio means we can provide unsurpassed advertising flags at low prices while giving you ultimate control over the whole process. We have a wide range of flags and flagpoles for any need, from forecourt and portable flags ideal for retail promotions to event feather and teardrop flags. Discount Displays, your one stop shop for custom flags.
  • Teardrop Flags

    Teardrop Flags

    • Multi section pole
    • Rotates 360 degree
    • 4 different sizes available
    • Single or double sided printed flag
    • Optional bases
    • 5-7 day Turnaround
  • Feather Flags

    Feather Flags

    • Frame constructed from 100% aluminium making it lightweight yet tough & durable
    • 360 Degree free-rotation
    • Various sizes available
    • Suitable for various base systems
  • Event Flagpoles

    Event Flagpoles

    • Event Telescopic flag pole system
    • Perfect for outdoor events and conferences
    • Can also be used indoors
    • Stable water filled base
    • Three sizes available
  • Forecourt Poles

    Forecourt Poles

    • Overall Height - 5m
    • 2 piece Aluminium construction
    • Comes with fittings and ties
    • Aluminium wall bracket option to mount pole to a wall or building
    • Optional printed flag – 1.8m x 0.9m
  • Bunting


    • 10mtr Lengths
    • 26x 300x230mm printed pennants per length
    • Reinforced White Polyester
    • Webbing with ties at either end
    • Triangular or rectangular
  • Ready Made Flags

    Pre Printed Flags

    • Pre Printed flags
    • Perfect for outdoor events and trade shows
    • Choose from a wide range of flag designs
    • Printed in-house for quality results
  • Custom Flags

    Custom Flags

    • Custom printed flags
    • Brand with company logo or message
    • Printed in-house using high end printing equipment
    • Design service available
  • Portrait Flags

    Portrait Flags

    • Custom printed outdoor flag
    • Choice of 3 heights: 2m, 3m & 4m
    • Portrait style for maximum visual area
    • Ideal for events and car forecourts
    • Printed in-house
  • Shimmer Flag

    Shimmer Flag

    • Outdoor & indoor flag pole
    • Stable base when filled with sand or water
    • Easy push-fit assembly
    • Black pole and base
    • 8 litre base capacity
  • Backpack Flag

    Backpack Flag

    • Ideal for portable promotions
    • Custom digital print
    • Comfortable shoulder straps
    • Collapsible frame
    • Only weighs 2.5kg
    • Choose teardrop or portrait style

Advertising Flag Buyers Guide

Promotional Flags | Event flags | Feather Flags

You can’t go anywhere without seeing custom advertising flags. Petrol Stations, Outdoor Events School Open days Shopping Center promotions. Flags are a cost-effective way to grab people’s attention. They are portable, affordable and have the advantage of movement to attract passers-by.

How are flags made?

Traditional Sewn flags

Traditional flags flying from a flagpole outside Corporate Headquarters, Hotels or a Government building are appliqued.
This is the traditional technique for making top quality flags. Individual pieces of fabric are cut out and sewn onto a background material. They look fantastic but are expensive and heavy so need a breeze to fly, making them poor advertising flags.

Printed Flags
These are either screen printed or digitally printed using a dye sublimation printing technique. Dye-sub printing infuses the inks into the fabric of the flag giving you vibrant colours that will last. Dye sublimation printing means on off’s and long runs are affordable making it ideal for flag branding.

You need a way to fly your flag. Flagpoles

Event flag poles – You need a flagpole that is lightweight and portable but stable enough in a breeze. So look for a telescopic or sectional pole that breaks down for transportation. 
The simplest option is a water-filled base, alternatively, spikes and guy ropes can be used but take longer to erect. Look for a pole with a rotating top arm which will hold your flag out and gets your message across in still conditions. Flags used on these poles are portrait shaped like a banner.

Freestanding Forecourt poles
Similar to event poles but they don’t need to be as portable. Rather than telescopic poles, these poles tend to be in two sections. Forecourt flagpoles have bases that fit under the wheel of a car. A simple solution. Forecourt poles are a great way to fly a Custom printed flag outside your business or dealership.

Promotional flag poles
These types of promotional branded feather flags come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Quill, Teardrop, Bow, Sail, Swooper flags. Apart from the shape, they are all the same. Dye printed flags have a sleeve into which you push a bendy pole (similar to a fishing rod). The pole keeps the flag under tension and visible even ion still conditions. 
Flexible flag poles are made of Aluminum or fibreglass. Aluminium is more expensive but slightly more durable. Both are suitable for indoor and outdoor marketing
Choose the shape of the flag then decided on a base. The most popular base is a water-filled one which can be used on the hard and soft ground. An alternative on soft ground is a spike which pushes into the ground with bearings that allow the promo flag to follow the wind.
Screw bases can be used on sand for events like beach volleyball. All the bases let the display flags rotate with the wind so they work even in quite strong winds.

Advertising Flags FAQ's

 Do you need planning to fly a promotional event flag?
There are a number of flags such as National Flags that do not require permission. Advertising flags are covered by different rules. A flag advertising a charitable event or a promotional flag used on a forecourt may be exempt but others advertising flags may not be. Each council has its own set of rules so it is always advisable to check.

Should my flags be single or double-sided flags?
Most flags are printed on one side with the reverse of the image visible on the back. This allows the flag to be lightweight and “fly”. If you want to be able to see the message the right way round on the back you need to opt for a double sided flag. Two printed flags are sewn back to back with a liner in-between. This makes the flag heavier and it won't fly as well.

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