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Post and Chain Barriers

Our plastic chain and post barriers are a popular option for queue management and cordoning off areas for safety. We have posts available in red and white or black and yellow striped colours, designed to make the most visual impact. Our standard sets come with 10m length of plastic chain link, but we sell a 25m option separately to cover greater distances.

Part of our range of queue barriers, you have the option for a rubber, concrete or fillable base ensuring your post withstands windy conditions and areas of heavy footfall. This makes chain and post barriers the ideal solution for outdoor crowd management.

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  1. Rubber base plastic chain stanchions
    Plastic Chain Stanchions Rubber Base 6 Posts 10m Chain
    Price From £110.00
    • Durable rubber base
    • Kit includes 6 posts & 10m of chain
    • Use indoors or outdoors
    • High vis yellow & black or red & white posts
    • 870mm high
  2. Yellow and Black Striped Plastic Post
    Yellow & Black Plastic Chain Barrier - 4 Posts + 10m Chain
    £69.99 was £89.95
    • 4 posts & 10m chain
    • Perfect for indoor & outdoor events
    • Choose Red & White or Black & Yellow posts with matching chain
    • Height: 960mm
    • Base can be filled with sand
    Best Seller
  3. Plastic Chain Barrier Kit
    Plastic Chain Barrier
    Price From £98.00
    • Water or sand fillable base
    • 6 posts and 10m of chain
    • Use indoors or out
    • High visibility Plastic posts
    • 870mm high
  4. Plastic Chain Barrier - Concrete Base Kit 6 Posts 10m Chain
    Plastic Chain Barriers with Concrete Base
    Price From £97.00
    • Durable rubber base
    • Kit includes 6 posts & 10m of chain
    • Use indoors or outdoors
    • High vis yellow black or red white posts
    • 870mm high
  5. Yellow and Black plastic chain
    Plastic Barrier Chain - 25m - Yellow/Black or Red/White
    £27.56 was £34.45
    • Plastic Barrier chain
    • Red/White or Yellow/Black
    • 6mm thick plastic chain
    • 25m length
    • Can be joined using optional links
  6. Plastic Chain Hooks - Red
    Plastic S Chain Hooks - Pack of 10
    Price From £16.75
    • Plastic barrier chain hooks
    • Red or black
    • Durable plastic
    • Fits 6mm plastic barrier chain
    • Sold in packs of 10
  7. Plastic Barrier Chain Connecting Link
    Plastic Barrier Chain Connecting Link - 10 Pack
    Price From £13.50
    • Plastic barrier chain joining link
    • Pack of 10
    • Choose red or black colour
    • Join chains together to make longer lengths
    • Weather resistant
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About our Post and Chain Barriers

Easy to set up and extremely versatile, post and chain systems are used ubiquitously for crowd and queue management. Being made from hard-wearing plastic they are simple to clean and take up very little space when not in use. Unlike metal chain options they do not rust, meaning they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Ideal uses for post & chain sets

These plastic barriers are ideal where it needs to be visually apparent that a space is a restricted area due to the high contrast colours of the posts. As mentioned previously, they can be used both indoors and outdoors meaning they are often used at car parks, outdoor events, garage forecourts, shop floors and maintenance areas.

Being easy to manoeuvre when compared to other queue management barriers, they can be set up in a matter of moments when required. This combined with the fact they are made from extremely durable materials makes them ideal for both short and long term crowd control management.

How many posts will you need?

Our standard sets come with 10m chain and either 4 or 6 posts. This is a good ratio to aim for in terms of the spacing between posts and how taut the chain will look. If you do need more chain we sell it separately in 25m lengths so you can create huge barrier areas.

A great way to work out how many posts you need is to jot a visual down on paper, ideally graph paper, where you can mark out where the posts will be and measure how much distance between the posts. This gives you a quick and easy idea of exactly how many posts are needed for your space.

Which base option should you choose?

Our plastic posts are available with three base options; rubber, concrete and fillable. While all three provide great stability, you may find your environment calls for one option over another.

Rubber bases as the name implies are made from durable rubber and has a low profile close to the ground. This makes them ideal for areas where people are likely to be in close proximity to the bases.

Concrete bases are more sturdy than the rubber option but also much heavier. If you will be looking to move the barriers frequently and can sacrifice a bit of stability then the rubber option is for you. If the posts will be in the same place for a fairly long time then opt for the concrete base.

Fillable bases give you the greatest flexibility. You get to decide what to fill it up with, e.g. water, ballast or sand and also how much to fill it up. When not in use the bases can be emptied making them easier to transport and store than the other alternatives.

Post and chain accessories

As well as the range of kits we offer, we also sell individual 25m lengths of chain that is available in red/white or black/yellow colour combinations. These can be cut to the length required and used alongside our optional hooks and links to attach to posts, creating sectioned off areas over a large distance. When not in use the chain can be bundled up so takes up very little space.

If you need help choosing the right post queue barrier, please get in touch by calling 0844 800 1020 and our team of experts will be on hand to help.