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Queue Barriers

Tensabarrier Official Distributors

Official distributor of Tensator queue barrier products - ideal for creating queuing areas and controlling pedestrian flow. We hold a huge range of queue management systems in stock for next day delivery, including retractable belt barriers, post & rope sets, and cafe barriers.

Queue barriers are used in many different industries. From restaurants to airports, exhibition barriers to hotels and everything in between. Easy to set up and also store when not in use, barriers offer great flexibility and value for money. If you need help choosing the right queue barrier for your business get in touch with our team of display experts.

Retractable Barriers
Belt barrier stanchions available in a choice of styles and webbing designs.
Post and Rope Barriers
High quality stanchions with ropes to create sectioned off areas.
Post and Chain Barriers
Sturdy plastic posts and chain link in a variety of colours and base options.
Cafe barriers
Choice of outdoor cafe barrier systems with custom printed banners.
Tensator barriers
Wide range of floor standing and wall mounted Tensabarriers with various belt colours and messages.
Skipper Safety Barrier
The Skipper barrier system is a unique all in one traffic management solution.

About Our Queue Barriers

We have put together a comprehensive range of portable pedestrian and display barriers designed to make light work of setting up queues and restricting access to certain areas of your premises. The majority of our queue barriers are available with next day delivery and come backed by our no-fuss 14 day money back guarantee. We also offer a lowest price promise, so if you see the same product elsewhere let us know and we will beat it.

Where Are Queue Barriers Used?

As the name suggests these barriers are often used to create queues and are seen in airports, nightclubs, cinemas, hotels, music venues, exhibitions and much more. As well as being used for queues outside your business you will often find barriers being used to cordon off displays or VIP areas. A great example of this is in art galleries and museums to stop people getting too close to the exhibits.

As an alternative to being used for pedestrian queue control, we have options for health and safety barriers to ensure the well being of your employees and customers. You will often see these in warehouses and to section off rooms when cleaning is in progress.

Our high-quality crowd control solutions include systems from well-known brands such as Tensator, Queuemaster and Skipper barriers as well as the ProQ range, which is exclusive to Discount Displays.

Queue Management Barrier Types

A similar system to safety belts you find in a car. These can either be floor standing stanchions like the ones you may have seen in airports or wall mounted retractable belt barriers where access may be temporarily restricted; for a museum display barrier for example.

They are easy to position and connect up to one another, enabling you to construct a queue area in seconds. When not in use, they are portable and take up a small area so can be easily stored.

Some retractable belt barriers are intended for indoor use only, while others may be used either indoors or outdoors. We also offer a range of robust industrial style retractable belt barrier that are intended for outdoor use only. These specialist outdoor barriers are made from durable materials and tend to have heavier bases. For even greater visibility we have twin belt barriers and wide webbing barriers. View our retractable belt barrier page to browse our full range.

You can read our full retractable barrier guide for further information.

Post and Rope Barriers

Traditional rope and post systems are a very popular options, especially to compliment contemporary decor such as at art galleries. They comprise a free-standing stanchion onto which a rope clips using a spring clip and can be easily unclipped to allow temporary access through the barrier. Because of these benefits, they are often used in hotels, nightclubs and reception areas. They are not as flexible as belt barriers since the ropes are a set length, but they are still just as portable and easy to store when not in use. We offer ropes with either a velvet finish or a braided style, with both available in a choice of colours.

Post and Chain Barriers

Plastic post and chain systems are more often used for outdoor events and as safety barriers to safely close off restricted areas. Plastic stanchions are striped for high visibility and bases are either water fillable, concrete base or made of robust rubber. High visibility plastic chain hooks onto the stanchions in seconds.

Cafe Barriers

Consisting of a custom printed banner between two posts, cafe barriers allow you to make the most of your outdoor promotional space and also protect your customers from the wind when sitting outside restaurants, pubs and bars.

We offer PVC, mesh or fabric banner material options and a choice of cafe post styles to best suit your requirements. All banners are custom printed with your design at our in-house studio to ensure an ultra high-quality end result.

Considerations When Choosing A Queue Barrier

Belt Tape Lengths

When looking to buy a barrier, you will have a decision to make about which belt length option to choose. They vary between 1m to around 9m, the longer length barriers tend to need heavier posts but you can save money since you will need fewer posts. For changeable pedestrian queue control, shorter barriers give you more flexibility to create different flow solutions.

How Many Posts You Will Need

You will need to work out how much area your barriers will need to cover and then look at the belt or rope length of the barrier. With retractable belts, this is fairly obvious as you can just use the belt length and work from that. Ideally, you want to go a bit below the maximum belt length to give it a bit of slack in case it is pulled on when in use. For post and rope or chain systems, you want there to be a bit of sag between the posts for maximum stability.

No matter which barrier option you go for, a great way to work out how many posts you will need is to draw it out on a piece of paper to scale. We offer a range of bundle options to help you save money when buying a complete barrier solution.

Belt Tape Styles

Most tapes are a standard 50mm deep with some exceptions where a deeper 150mm high visibility tape can be chosen. Tapes can either be plain, in a choice of colours, have a pre-printed safety message such as ‘Caution’ or ‘Keep Out’ or can be printed with your company brand.

Base Weight and Type

Cheaper barriers may have lighter bases that use concrete with a metal cover. The more expensive units will have a moulded base that is kinder to floors and offers greater stability. Outdoor units may have water or ballast fillable bases for extra stability or rubber base for more durability.

Post Material

Cheaper units, ideal for indoor use, will be made of mild steel, while more expensive units will be made of durable stainless steel which is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Safety Brake System

Many of our belt barriers include a system that means when a belt is released it will slowly retract into the post, rather than snap back, to avoid any danger to bystanders.