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Notice Boards

We have an extensive range of notice boards that are ideal for schools, offices, staff rooms and domestic use. Our notice display boards are available in cork, fabric or drywipe magnetic surfaces with a huge selection of sizes and features such as being tamperproof or fire retardant. Perfect for displaying your notices or as an information display school board. If you need help choosing a notice board please give us a call on 0844 800 1020.

Notice Board Buyer's Guide

We have an extensive range of notice boards at Discount Displays, so to make sure you get the perfect one for your requirements we have written this guide.

Notice Boards, Menu Case Information

Our extensive range of quality notice boards from well-known brands such as Metroplan and Spaceright as well as several exclusive Discount Display products.

Our range includes everything you would need to display information, posters and menus indoor or outdoors in schools, leisure centres, restaurants, practically anywhere you need a secure way to get your message across.

Frame Types

When you are choosing a frame type, take into account the following:

Look and feel - our popular aluminum frames are available in over 18 different colours to suit all decors. Decorative wooden frames using wood from sustainable sources or recycled material give a friendly eco feel to your surroundings. For the minimalist, you could opt for an unframed notice board.

Durability - again this has a lot to do with location of the notice board. Aluminium frame boards are the most durable and we have a range of frames specifically designed for outdoor use, which offer security as well as durability against the weather. They are also maintenance free.

Security - if you display information in an office then perhaps security isn't a high priority, but if you are putting literature up in a high traffic area such as a school corridor, then choose one of our lockable notice boards.

Panel Material

Felt - felt covered notice boards or fabric notice boards are designed to be used with pins to hold your posters or literature in place. Please note not all pin boards are fire resistant so please check on the individual product pages.

Magnetic dry wipe - a magnetic notice board that is dual purpose and allows you to write a message or attach a poster using magnets. The smooth surface also allows you to use Blu-tack to mount literature.

Loop Nylon - these notice boards are pinnable as well as having the option of attaching marketing materials using Velcro.

Cork Boards - a traditional looking board for use with pins.

Groove boards - with a grooved notice board you can spell out your message using Variatex groove characters. This type of notice board is popular in hotels and conferences. You can create your own message easily with no other equipment.

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