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Lecterns and Podiums

Check out our top quality lecterns, a perfect focal point for everything from presentations to sermons. Traditional and contemporary designs in wood, acrylic and metal starting at just £59. Popular with schools and churches, many of our standard lecterns and podiums are in stock for next day delivery, while bespoke designs take slightly longer but are well worth the wait.

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  1. Tempered Glass Podium with Front Panel
    Modern Tempered Glass & Steel Podium
    £209.00 was £275.00
    • Modern glass & Steel podium
    • Tempered glass reading area
    • Durable steel frame
    • Soft feet protects flooring
    • Ergonomically angled
    • Stylish grey finish
  2. Truss Style Design Podium
    Compact Metal Truss Lectern
    Price From £275.00
    • Stable Aluminium construction
    • Choice of powder coated finishes
    • Lightweight at just 10kg
    • Angled literature holder with stay
    • Height: 1124mm
    • Literature area: 460 x 350mm
    Best Seller
  3. Satellite Menu Holder
    Freestanding Satellite Modern Menu Holder
    £99.95 was £149.99
    • Stylish design literature holder
    • 2x A4 literature area
    • Intergrated ringbinder for menus
    • Anodised Aluminium Pole
    • Sturdy steel base with silver finish
    • Height: 1400mm
  4. Budget Perspex Acrylic Lectern
    Budget Clear Acrylic Lectern
    • Cheap Acrylic Lectern
    • Ideal for exhibitions and trade shows
    • High quality Acrylic construction
    • Lifetime Workmanship guarantee
    • Height: 1170mm
    • Lightweight at 8.5kg
  5. Stage Lectern - Frosted Front
    Hardwood & Acrylic Stage Lectern
    Price From £589.00
    • Stage lectern made from 19mm veneered Oak wood
    • Front panel can be clear or frosted
    • Custom logo can be printed
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Height: 1200mm
  6. Frosted Effect Acrylic Lectern
    Frosted Effect Acrylic Lectern with Optional Print
    Price From £525.00
    • High quality Acrylic Podium
    • Frosted effect front panel that can have custom logo
    • Sturdy 10mm bonded Acrylic
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Height: 1190mm
  7. Wheeled Lectern
    Portable Wheeled Lectern with Storage Shelf
    £230.50 was £249.75
    • Beech effect panelling
    • Angled lectern top with book rest
    • Lower shelf for holding accessories
    • 4 castor wheels - 2 locking
    • Dimensions: 1200 (h) x 600 (w) x 450mm (d)
    Best Seller
  8. Truss Pulpit
    Quad Metal Truss Lectern
    Price From £325.00
    • Sturdy truss pulpit
    • Choice of aluminium or powder coated finish
    • Mobile - only 11kg
    • Height: 1124mm
    • Literature area: 460 x 350mm
    Best Seller
  9. Coloured Panel Front Lectern
    Coloured Wood Lectern with Steel Frame
    £249.00 was £270.00
    • Colourful lectern
    • Range of 6 colours
    • Stylish and functional with 2 shelves
    • Ideal for schools and colleges
    • UK produced
  10. Acrylic front lectern
    Kestrel Acrylic and Wood Lectern with Optional Logo
    £785.00 was £945.00
    • Stylish lectern for schools
    • Crest/logo customisation
    • Sturdy 500mm stem
    • 680 x 480mm of literature space
    • 1127mm high
    • Produced in the UK
  11. Folding desktop lectern
    Folding Desktop Lectern - Maple Wood Effect with Digital Timer
    • Maple wood effect desktop lectern
    • Folds flat for transport and storage
    • Adjustable angled shelf
    • Built in digital timer
    • Dimensions: 620 (w) x 550 (h) x 465mm (d)
  12. Acrylic Portable Desktop Lectern
    Acrylic Desktop Lectern
    • Strong 10mm Acrylic construction
    • Use on any flat surface
    • 2 year guarantee
    • Lightweight: 6kg
    • Angled literature area
    • Modern clear lectern design
  13. Grey Impromptu Lectern with Wheels
    Impromptu Wheeled Metal Lectern
    £250.00 was £309.00
    • Modern metal lectern with wheels
    • Steel frame with polycarbonate panels and laminate top
    • Grey metallic powder coat finish
    • Wheeled for easy movemement
    • Angled lectern top with book rest
    • 673mm (w) x 1181 (h) x 476mm (d)
  14. Metal Truss Podium
    Metal Truss Podium
    Price From £459.00
    • Stable full metal lectern
    • Stylish truss design
    • Made from natural Aluminium
    • Angled literature holder area
    • Height: 1124mm
    • Literature area: 600 x 350mm
  15. Curved Truss Podium
    Curved Metal Truss Lectern
    Price From £499.00
    • Curved ladder design podium
    • Natural Aluminium as standard
    • Option for various powder coated finishes
    • Height: 1124mm
    • Literature area: 460 x 350mm
  16. Custom Printed Black Acrylic Lectern
    Black Acrylic Concierge Lectern
    Price From £595.00
    • Black Acrylic Concierge Lectern
    • Made from 10mm thick perspex
    • Sleek jet black gloss finish
    • Customisable front panel
    • 1200(h) x 450 (w) x 350mm (d)
    • UK Made - lifetime guarantee
  17. Blade Curved Lectern
    Blade Curved Alloy Lectern
    Price From £379.00
    • Angular design pulpit
    • Made from alloy Steel
    • Choice of powder coated finishes
    • Angled top for speech materials
    • Height: 1124mm
    • Top Size: 460 x 350mm
  18. Regent - Economy Wooden Lectern
    Regent Economy Wooden Lectern
    £285.00 was £340.00
    • Budget friendly lectern
    • Modern tapered design
    • Available in grey or beech finishes
    • Angled reading area
    • Small internal shelf
  19. Shelved Lectern
    Falcon Wooden Lectern with Storage Shelves
    £795.00 was £959.00
    • Wooden shelved lectern
    • 2 large interior shelves
    • Finished in any RAL colour
    • Add your custom logo / brand
    • 612mm wide, stable base
    • Height:1274mm
    • 750mm x 480mm literature area
  20. AV Cabinet Lectern - Back
    Aluminium AV Lectern with Media Storage Shelves
    Price From £839.00
    • Cabinet Lectern Stand
    • Powder coated Aluminium
    • Choice of 3 finishes
    • Includes 3 removable shelves
    • Angled literature holder
    • Perfect for computer equipment
  21. Full Acrylic Lectern
    Sovereign Premium Acrylic Rostrum
    £725.00 was £865.00
    • Premium Acrylic Lectern
    • Ideal for high class presentations
    • 20mm thick Acrylic construction
    • Lifetime Warranty - UK Made
    • Literature area slants at 15 degrees
    • Height: 1153mm
  22. Acrylic Truss Lectern
    Frosted Acrylic Truss Lectern
    Price From £585.00
    • Frosted Acrylic Truss Lectern
    • Modern Truss style
    • Optional LED illumination
    • Durable 10mm frosted acrylic
    • Low maintenance lectern
  23. Clear Perspex Acrylic Lectern
    Clear Acrylic Lectern with Internal Shelf
    Price From £525.00
    • Professional Perspex Lectern
    • Made from sturdy 12mm Perspex
    • Acrylic with bonded construction
    • Extra wide at 800mm
    • Lifetime workmanship guarantee
    • Height: 1200mm
  24. Folding Portable Acrylic Podium
    Folding Acrylic Podium with Frosted Front
    Price From £849.00
    • Folding Portable Acrylic Podium
    • Handy carry bag included
    • Custom print the front panel
    • High quality acrylic construction
    • 1200(h) x 280(w) by 510mm(d)
    • Lifetime guarantee - UK made
    • Ideal for presenting on the move
  25. Budget Projector Trolley
    Budget Mobile Multi-Media Trolley
    £171.75 was £186.00
    • Multi-use Budget projection trolley
    • Height adjustable, rotatable & tiltable platform
    • Use as a lectern or easily add the projector shelf
    • Wheeled for portability
    • Maximum height: 1100mm
    • Perfect for schools and lecture theatres
  26. Swallow lectern
    Swallow Contemporary Lectern with Optional Logo
    £695.00 was £849.00
    • Strong construction
    • Contemporary appealing design
    • Customisation optional
    • Lightweight for ease of mobility
    • 650 x 350mm literature space
    • 1176mm high
  27. Metal Pulpit Speech Rostrum
    Metal & Wood Pulpit with Opal Acrylic Panel
    £975.00 was £1,172.57
    • Ultra stable metal pulpit
    • Perfect for speeches and shows
    • Steel pole and base construction
    • Internal cable management system
    • Top area: wood with grey finish
    • Height: 1214mm
  28. Folding floor standing lectern
    Folding Floor Standing Lectern with Shelf and Digital Timer
    £299.00 was £350.00
    • Folding floor standing lectern
    • Available in 3 finishes
    • Internal shelf and angled platform
    • 2 year warranty
    • Dimensions: 620 (w) x 1280 (h) x 465mm (d)
  29. Cheap wood and steel lectern
    Budget Height Adjustable Lectern
    Price from £66.50 was £95.00
    • Budget lectern
    • Powder coated steel construction
    • Height adjustable 76-112cm
    • Tiltable literature area
    • Great value for money
    • Mahogany top wood laminate
    Special Offer
  30. Portable Trade Show Podium
    Linear Illuminated Portable Counter
    Price From £147.50
    • Versatile portable counter
    • LED illumination
    • Easy to assemble
    • Lightweight, easy to transport design
    • 5 finishing options
    • Personalised graphics optional
    Special Offer
  31. Wooden Lecture Podium
    Wood Veneer Lectern with Shelf
    £169.00 was £299.00
    • Wooden Pulpit
    • Cherry wood veneer finish
    • Handy internal storage shelf
    • Angled top for optimal viewing
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Height: 1168mm
    Special Offer
  32. Economy Wooden Podium With Graphics
    Economy Wheeled Wooden Lectern
    Price From £159.95
    • Economy Wooden Podium
    • Great value for money
    • Durable MDF construction
    • Add wheels or custom printed posters
    • Dark wooden look finish
    • 550 (w) x 1162 (h) x 350mm (d)
  33. Beech Wood Effect on Left Fabric wrap on Right
    Flat Packed Conference Lectern
    Price from £359.00
    • Composite material construction with flexible MDF tambour
    • Choose from Beech, Black or Silver
    • Angled Acrylic literature stand
    • Option for beech effect or fabric wrap
    • Carry bags included
  34. AV Projector Cabinet
    Wheeled AV Projector Cabinet
    £230.00 was £313.75
    • Secure locking AV media cabinet
    • Three shelves - 2 fixed and 1 sliding
    • Beech finish - ABS edging
    • Castor Wheels
    • Dimensions: 930 (h) x 540 (w) x 600mm (d)
    Special Offer
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About Our Lecterns & Podiums

Floor standing, folding and desktop lecterns in a range of modern and traditional styles are ideal for speakers making presentations in all locations.

Our range of floor standing and desktop lecterns are ideal for auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms, stages, seminar rooms, lecture theatres and churches. You will also find height adjustable lecterns as well as mobile lecterns for quick and easy repositioning.

Choosing A Lectern Type

Portable or permanent - will you need to fold up and transport your lectern perhaps to a sales presentation or trade show? Then have a look at the highly portable Aero lectern that is easily transportable portable lectern. At the other end of the scale, you have Acrylic lecterns which once assembled remain in situ.

Material - lecterns are available in wood, metal or stylish modern Acrylic. The choice is really down to personal preference and what sort of design fits in with your venue. Wooden lecterns tend to have a more traditional look and are popular with educational establishments and for use as church lecterns. Hand welded metal lecterns are hardwearing with a stylish modern design. Acrylic lecterns fit into many different locations and many of them can be customized with your branding and add a very professional look to any presentation.

Branding - some lecterns have the option to be branded. This could either be permanent corporate branding or a design where the branded panel can be changed depending on the presenter. If you want a branded option tick the “graphics” option in the refine area.

Uses Of A Lectern

As well as the obvious use as part of a presentation or speech, lecterns are also used to display literature in museums or visitor centres. Desktop lecterns or desk lectern are also an ideal way to hold restaurant booking ledgers. Other venues for lecterns include auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms, stages, seminar rooms or Av lecterns in lecture theatres.

Key Lectern Features

Portablitity - folding for storage and transport or wheels for easy relocation

Storage - shelves for AV equipment or literature storage

Branding - panels to take you corporate branding

We aim to always deliver high quality products and our range of lecterns and podiums is no different. If you have any questions about our conference lecterns and trade show podiums or can't find the product you're looking for, please call us on 020 8664 5660 for simple, hassle free advice.

You may also be interested in our modular furniture, retractable banner stands, brochure holders and our pop up stands.