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Display Easels

Our range of easels are great for a wide variety of environments such as point of sale displays in shops, schools, offices, exhibitions and even at home. Our retail display easels are made from high-quality materials, including wooden and metal options, and come in ranges to display posters, chalkboards, printed signs, notice boards, flip charts and much more.

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  1. Economy Wooden Display Easel - 160cm High
    Economy Wooden Display Easel - 160cm High
    Price from £29.95 was £48.50
    • Pine wood display easel
    • For boards from B2 up to A1
    • Add notice boards, chalkboards or printed signage
    • Height adjustable to 3 different heights
    • Easy assembly
    • Folds flat when not in use
    Best Seller
  2. Modern metal folding easel with optional Poster frame
    Portable Folding Metal Display Easel
    Price from £38.95 was £60.25
    • Budget steel folding display easel
    • Easy to change panel height - for up to A0
    • Fully collapsible to aid transportation
    • Incredible value for money
    • Sturdy yet lightweight construction
    • 1500mm high
  3. Beech Wood Folding Retail Easel
    Retail Display Easel - Height Adjustable to 1960mm - with top clamp
    Price from £39.95 was £101.00
    • High quality Beech wood folding display easel
    • Easy to change height and angle
    • Fully collapsible to aid transportation
    • Holds canvases / paintings up to 1270mm
    • Sturdy yet lightweight beech construction
    • Perfect for any retail environment
  4. Coloured Frame Wooden Easel
    Freestanding Wooden Easel - Available In 6 Colours
    Price from £47.50
    • Stylish & sustainable wooden easel
    • Uses sustainably sourced materials
    • European Redwood frame
    • Choose from 6 stain finishes
    • Made in the UK
  5. Portable Wooden Easel - 1500mm High
    Portable Wooden Easel with 5 Display Heights
    Price from £37.95 was £59.00
    • High quality beech wood
    • Easy to fold and transport
    • Suitable for canvas / board sizes B2 up to A0
    • Hold your canvas / board at 5 different heights
    • No assembly required
    • Overall height: 1500mm
    Best Seller
  6. Portable Flip Chart Easel - Dry Wipe
    Dry Wipe A1 Portable Flip Chart Easel
    £62.00 was £65.00
    • A1 portable flipchart easel
    • Dry wipe surface plus flipchart clip
    • Telescopic legs to aid portability
    • Lightweight Aluminium construction
    • 1 year guarantee
    • Board Size 900 (h) x 600mm (w)
    Special Offer
  7. Flipchart easel
    Schools Double Sided Magnetic Whiteboard and Flipchart Easel
    Price From £95.00
    • Schools double sided whiteboard easel
    • Magnetic dry wipe surface
    • 700mm height adjustment
    • Easy to tilt/rotate
    • Includes flip chart clamp and pen tray
    • 6 colour options
    Best Seller
  8. Flip Chart Easel
    Metroplan Height Adjustable Tripod Flip Chart Easel
    Price from £87.85 was £110.50
    • Premium quality flipchart easel
    • Tripod stand with rear leg tie bar
    • Height adjustable up to 1850mm
    • Magnetic drywipe surface
    • 1000 (h) x 675mm (w) board size
    • Hinged flipchart pad clamp
    • Black or white surround
  9. Premium Double Sided Magnetic Flip Chart Board
    Loop Leg Double Sided Magnetic Flip Chart Board
    Price from £107.85 was £121.25
    • Sturdy design with foot bar
    • Double sided magnetic whiteboard
    • Height adjustable up to 1720mm
    • Choose from 6 different colours
    • Suitable for A1 flip chart pads
    • Board size: 860 (h) x 650mm (w)
  10. Metal Easel and Chalkboard Kit
    Metal Easel and Chalkboard Kit
    £99.00 was £112.00
    • Metal Easel and A1 Blackboard
    • Sleek 1500mm tall folding metal easel
    • Suitable for stick or liquid chalk
    • Incredibly value for money
    • Lightweight and easy to store
  11. Budget Whiteboard Easel Non Magnetic
    Budget Free Standing Whiteboard Easel Non Magnetic
    Price From £75.00
    • Budget free standing whiteboard
    • Very easy to put up
    • 3 colour options
    • Includes flip chart clamp
    • 1 year guarantee
    • Non magnetic dry wipe surface
  12. School Display Easel with Noticeboard
    Display Easel with A1 Notice Board
    Price from £52.50 was £70.00
    • Display easel stand & notice board
    • Large artists easel - 1595mm high
    • A1 Velcro friendly notice board
    • Folds flat for easy storage
    • Made from stained pine wood
  13. Black mobile whiteboard
    UltraMate Mobile Flipchart Whiteboard
    £129.00 was £189.00
    • Mobile whiteboard easel
    • Choice of 6 colours
    • Easy to move, 5 castor design
    • 700(w) x 1000mm(h) magnetic dry wipe surface
    • Flipchart clamp for A1 pads
  14. Chalkboard and Easel Special Offer Bundle
    Wooden Easel with Chalkboard Panel
    £489.00 was £670.00
    • Bundle offer for 10, 20 or 30 easels
    • Chalkboard A1 panels included
    • High quality lightweight wooden easel
    • Dark stain finished frame
    • Easy to setup
  15. 10, 20, or 30 Easel Bundle
    Display Easel with Printed A1 Sign
    £499.00 was £680.00
    • Special offer Easel and sign bundle
    • 10, 20 or 30 easels and signs
    • Custom printed graphcis included
    • A1 printed 3mm foamex panels
    • Dark stain finish
  16. Premium Flip Chart Easel
    Premium Folding Flip Chart Easel With Wheels
    £376.25 was £407.50
    • Drywipe surface - accepts magnets
    • Height adjustable up to 1920mm
    • 5cm castor wheels
    • Lightweight Aluminium construction
    • 3 year guarantee
    • Board Size 1000 (h) x 700mm (w)
  17. Stainless Steel Sign Holder with Printed Sign
    Stainless Steel Sign Holder - Add Chalkboard or Printed Sign
    £45.00 was £65.00
    • Stainless steel easel
    • Height adjustable
    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Stable 330mm diameter base
    • takes panels up to 870mm high
  18. Pine Wood Display Easel Package
    Wooden Display Easel with A1 Poster Frame
    Price from £39.00 was £56.00
    • Display Easel Stand & Poster frame
    • Large artists easel - 1595mm high
    • 25mm profile A1 poster frame
    • Folds flat for easy storage
    • Height & tilt adjustable
    • Made from pine wood
  19. Display Easel with Custom Foamex Sign
    Display Easel with A1 Printed Sign
    Price from £49.90 was £68.00
    • Display easel stand & sign
    • A1 custom printed panel included
    • Folds flat for easy storage
    • Made from pine wood
    • Ideal for point of sales
    • Dark wood stain finish
    Best Seller
  20. Table Top Easel & Board
    Table Top Easel with Chalk Menu Board - A5,A4,A3
    Price from £22.00
    • Small easel stand and chalkboard
    • A3, A4 or A5 sizes available
    • Use on any flat surface
    • Board - 6mm waterproof MDF
    • Easel - pine with dark oak stain
    • Use stick chalk or liquid chalk pens
  21. Blackboard & Easel Package
    Wooden Easel with A1 Chalkboard
    Price from £55.00 was £68.95
    • Easel stand & blackboard package
    • Pine wood easel Dark wood stain finish
    • A1 unframed chalkboard
    • For use with stick chalk or liquid chalk pens
    • Great value for money
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Display Easel Guide

One of our most popular and versatile display products. Used for everything from galleries, schools, and conferences. A professional, stable and easy to use presentation system, which can be stored when not in use.

Use of Display Board Easels:

  • Art galleries - Studio easels for displaying pictures and canvases
  • Schools - Announcements, table plans, timetables
  • Railways and Airports - Temporary notices, warnings
  • Hotels and Conferences - Speaker schedules, registration information
  • Weddings - Seating plans, guest lists
  • Exhibition Easels - Trade show special offers, speaker timetables
  • Point of Sale - Special offers, product launches, seasonal sales

To meet all these different uses we have a range of different easel designs available.

Types of Easels:

  • Floor standing wedding easel
  • Artist wooden easels
  • Exhibition easels
  • Presentation easels
  • Promotional Easels
  • Studio easels
  • Flip chat easels – portable, mobile, paper, A1, pad
  • Free standing whiteboard easels
  • Universal easel

Sturdy A Frame Display Easels

These floor standing easels hold rigid panels of many thicknesses and sizes, with the two main materials used being traditional wooden easel or contemporary metal frames. They are often used as artists easels but are just as popular for presentation displays. For example, they can be used to display a printed sign, poster frames, pinnable notice board, drywipe board or even a chalkboard. With a wide footprint, they can easily take panels A1, A2 and up to A0 (84cm x 100cm) size.

Flip Chart Easels

Still useful even in this digital age. A simple way to display written information. A multi-sheet paper pad, which you can write on. Popular in schools and for office presentations.

White Board Easels

Popular in schools and at conferences. Great if you might need to display a message to the public quickly, simply write your message onto the board for everyone to see.