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Display Boards - Free Standing and Portable

Portable & durable, our huge range of display boards includes folding displays, pole & panel boards & tabletop displays all with a money back guarantee.

Ideal as part of an exhibition stands, school display, point of sale promotion, whether it's free standing or a table top, we have the perfect display board for you. We have carefully chosen only the highest quality display boards and panels and ensured we have covered all bases with a selection of different panel board sizes and colour options. Our display boards are highly versatile whatever your environment and we are confident we have the perfect display board to suit your requirements.

Folding Display Board Stands
Huge range of Aluminium or RPVC framed folding panel displays. Lightweight, strong and portable with a choice of loop nylon panel colours.
Pole and Panel Display Boards
Free standing display board systems. Pole and panel display available with a number of different panel options and board surface colours.
Table Top Display Boards
Our comprehensive range of table top display board panels are portable and lightweight stands that turn any flat surface into a focal point.
Office Partitioning Panels
Folding room dividers and screens with panels available in a selection of heights. Choose Woolmix or Nyloop fabric partition covering.
Exhibition Graphics
Our range of custom printed exhibition graphics are designed to enhance your trade show display. Choose from various display board materials.
Notice Boards
Get your message noticed with out wall mounted and floor standing display notice boards. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials.
Modular Panel Displays
Versatile display panel stands that can be configured offering great value for money. Choose from modular or linear panel display systems.
Display your message in style with our white boards and promotional display easels. Ideal for presentations, offices, schools, pubs and more.
Pavement Sign A-Board Displays
Grab the attention of passing customers with our range of pavement display sign boards, including poster A-board and graphic panel pavement signs.

We have been supplying display boards and display panels for over 30 years and have worked with some of the biggest brands and companies to produce show-stopping results. Our versatile and portable trade show display boards have hundreds of uses. Ideal for shell scheme decoration and folding kits as well as showroom and museum displays. Our range is very popular for use as School display boards. All our printing and finishing takes place in-house so you're assured of top quality, fast turnaround and low prices. Display Boards are a popular solution to branding exhibition and trade show stands.

For our display boards that have printed elements we use HP inks and media and the very latest eco-friendly printers to produce stunning display panel graphics that will show off your business at it's very best. Colour printing at 1400dpi ensures even on big displays that the smallest details will get noticed.

If you don’t have the know-how, software or a graphic designer to design your graphics for you, then we have an in-house graphic design to turn your ideas into show stopping displays.

Display Boards Guide

They come in all shapes and sizes and cover a huge swathe of our product range. Discerning which stand is right for your display can be a minefield. Choosing from free-standing, tablet top, folding or wall mounted boards is just the first step. One thing they have in common, however, is, whatever the type, they all serve a similar function which is to convey information to people in a simple and cost-effective way. Function and budget are the primary things you will need to consider. Where are you going to use it? How often? Does it need to be portable? Our display board guide should help answer these questions and give you some guidance on choosing the right product for your requirements.

Types of Display Boards

Pole and Panel

As the name suggests this system comprises poles that slot together and panels that have clips on their edges that attach to the poles. These display boards are popular with schools, photographic clubs and galleries since they can be reconfigured in both the layout you choose and the size of the display. The panels are covered in fabric that allows them to accept Velcro or pins for attaching graphics. Panels are available in two sizes and hundreds of different colour combinations. Pole and panel displays don't use internal hinges but clips that attach to poles that act as hinges. They take longer to put up than folding systems but have the advantage that they can be easily reconfigured by adding or removing poles and panels to match your requirements.


+ Can be reconfigured for different venues
+ Double sided
+ Lots of colour combinations available


- Longer to erect than folding displays
- Heavier than folding displays

Portable Folding Boards

Portable display boards would normally come from the lightweight folding display board range. Folding systems have a set number of panels that are held together using hinges. Aluminium frames have metal hinges and the uPVC frames have a flexible plastic hinge. Folding stands are easy to store and transport, they simply fold out, no tools needed. These display boards would normally be covered in fabric that accepts Velcro. The largest of these would give you a display of about 3.5m wide. Ideal for trade shows, or temporary education displays, store them in a cupboard until next required.

Wall Mounted Notice Display Boards

Can either be fabric covered for pinning and attaching graphics or have a dry wipe and magnetic surface. The latter allows you to write removable messages using a dry wipe marker and/or displays printed material using magnets.

Tabletop Display Boards

A favourite with the educational sector, you will often see tabletop display boards at recruitment fairs, early learning open days. Simple and effective, the most common type will be folding panels that open up and you then attach your printed message using Velcro.

Office Partitions

Not strictly a display board, but they can serve a dual function of partitioning office space and having a surface that can be used to display information such as leaflets and notices. Our range of office partitioning dividers are both usually freestanding and folding, while some options are also mobile with castor wheels, making them ideal for schools and to create temporary spaces.

Display Board Usage

Exhibition Boards

Display boards are used regularly in exhibitions to display marketing material, bulletins, information and graphics. Due to the portability and versatility of their design they make great exhibition boards.

Are panels pinnable?

That depend on the specific type. Even in this paperless digital-age pinnable notice boards are still a favourite in schools and office, churches and village halls. The most basic form is a classic cork board. Most other pinnable boards are dual purpose. They are made up of layers, a soft foam core into which you can push a pin and outer covering such as felt or loop nylon Velcro friendly material.

Can I use Velcro on a display board?

Fabric covered displays panels are wrapped in loop nylon material that allows posters and documents to be attached to the board using Velcro making them extremely versatile. Loop nylon is available in many colours to suit your surroundings.

Can I write on the display boards?

White boards, specifically, dry wipe whiteboards, often seen in schools and conference meeting rooms have a surface onto which dry markers can be used to hand write messages. Once finished with the board, they can be wiped clean. Traditionally these have been made with a vitreous enamel surface but now there are glass boards that serve the same purpose. Quality matters; with cheaper dry wipe boards the finishes can be hard to clean fully and leaves ghost images.

Black boards and chalkboards have a very distinctive look and feel making them popular with restaurants, bars and retail. Different surfaces can be used with traditional chalk sticks or liquid chalk markers to write your message. In the hands of a skilful writer, these can look very impressive, and often become a talking point of the venue.

How do I use letters on a display board?

Some display boards have a grooved felt surface which can be used with Varitex plastic letters. These displays will often be seen in hotel foyers announcing conferences and welcoming visitors. There is no need to print any messages and they look far smarter than dry wipe message systems. Some boards have dual use surface so half will be fabric and the other half, or the reverse will be cork or dry wipe board giving you multiple ways to display your message.

What is the best size for a display board?

The most popular display board sizes are 600mm x 900mm and 700mm x 1000mm they allow for large graphic displays and are still portable