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Cafe Barriers Buyers Guide

All you need to know to be able to choose the perfect cafe barrier system to suit your needs and budget!

What is a Café Barrier Kit?

A cafe barrier system designed to define, divide or enclose outdoor or indoor areas. This is achieved with printed graphics or canvas banners attached to robust cross arms, which are supported by heavy duty posts.

What can a Café Barrier Kit do for me?

With the increased popularity of alfresco dining and drinking, making use of your outdoor space has never been so important.

Café Barrier Kits offer a flexible solution to defining your boundary and an ideal branding opportunity. Creatively designed or colourful banners are certainly eye-catching and ensure that your premises stand out from the competition.

What is important when choosing a Café Barrier Kit?

The most important thing to consider is where the kit is being used - indoors, outdoors, sheltered area, exposed area, high traffic area, etc. Certain café barrier kits are more suited to specific areas; for example, exposed or high traffic areas would require the heavier 17kg post and base, whereas sheltered outdoor locations can use a lighter system. Any outdoor areas can be affected by gusting winds so it is recommended that a suitable wind permeable barrier is used where necessary. Is an Equality Act (formerly DDA) friendly café barrier kit required? If so, the Primo kit with its wheelchair friendly bases and lower cross arm is ideal. The shallow post bases allow the wheels of a wheelchair to easily roll over them, and the lower cross arm acts as a tapping rail for the visually impaired.


What configuration makes the best use of the available space

Make sure to measure the total distance you have available - Drawing a scale plan like the ones shown here will help you to calculate how many barriers you need. Or to make things easier have a look at our pre-designed kits! You can also use our free layout design form for expert help in designing your system and a quotation.

Cross Arms and Posts

Calculating how many cross arms and posts are required?

The length associated with each cross arm refers to the distance between the post centres when the cross arm is attached to the post.

E.g A 1500mm arm when attached to 2 posts would give a distance of 1500mm from the centre of one post to the centre of the others.

The arms are available in
- 1000, 1500 and 2000mm for the Economy Kit
- 1200, 1500 and 1800mm for the Standard Kit
- 1200, 1500 and 2000mm for the Premium Kit
This means that to get the exact length of barrier you require you may need to change the kit type.

Each cross arm must be connected to a post (or wall bracket) at each end. Each post can have up to 4 arms connected meaning many different configurations are possible.

Quick compare chart

NOTE: All of our cafe barriers are made from stainless steel. The economy system includes a 1 year guarantee as standard whilst the standard and premium include a 2 year guarantee.

Economy Cafe Barrier - from £139 for this set.

Standard Cafe Barrier - from £199 for this set.

Premium Cafe Barrier - from £229 for this set.

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