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Fabric Displays Buyers Guide

One of the latest products to appear on the display and trade show market is the tensioned fabric display system.
It is a very simple system that has come about with the evolution of affordable large format dye sublimation printers.
This guide will explain what tensioned fabric display stands are, and what advantages and disadvantages they have over other types of display systems.

What is a tensioned Fabric Displays Stand

A fabric display comprises two parts a frame and custom printed graphics

  1. The frame is made up of 30mm lightweight round aluminium tubes that push together. You simply match up the numbers and push the parts together. No tools and no parts to lose.
  2. The graphic is printed using high-quality dye sublimation printing onto a fabric that has a slight stretch. Once printed it is sewn into a "pillowcase" shape with a zip on one side. Slot the frame together then pull the one piece graphic over the frame and zip it up.

These lightweight portable exhibition display stands can be used for many marketing and promotions events. They provide a large seamless backdrop that stands out from a crowd at exhibitions, in shopping malls for experiential events or for VIP backdrops at movie premieres.

What are the advantages of a Stretch fabric display system


  • Unusual shapes and curves attract attention
  • The frame is hidden from view so you just see your marketing message
  • Robust 30mm aluminium that is Lightweight and easy to transport
  • No parts to loose so no last minute panics when you get to the show
  • Quick easy assembly - Number coordinate for simple assembly so no need for staff training
  • A sturdy frame that will last a number of years
  • Eco-friendly can be recycled


  • Quality Durable Graphics -Dye sublimation printing is vibrant high resolution and very durable.
  • One piece graphic - As simple pillowcase graphic means there is no need to align individual graphics panels. Great looking graphic with no joins
  • Eco-friendly - Graphic is 100% recyclable
  • Machine Washable graphics - you can give your graphics a freshen up by simply washing them at 30 degrees
  • Replacement graphic easy to transport. When your marketing message changes you can easily send out a new graphic to your team in the field
  • Rather than buy a new stand you keep costs to a minimum by simply purchasing a replacement graphic.
  • No creases - The fabric is slightly elastic so once it is stretched over the frame any crease caused during transportation drop out

What types of fabric display stands are there

Backwalls: An alternative to Pop Up Stands. These visual striking backdrops come in a range of sizes ranging from a modest 0.6m wide to a massive 6.1m wide. The range has evolved so you have a choice of shapes from Straight, Curved, Wave, Horizontal Curve or Even Round. There is a fabric display that will suit any business or location.

Banner Stands: The main difference between a fabric banner stand and a more traditional roller banner stand is the shape. The curved shapes and height make these promotional displays stand out from your competitors. One big advantage of fabric pop up stands is that when you need to change your graphic there is no need to send the unit back to use. Simply order a new graphic. Ideal if you have a number of banner stands out in the field and want to change your sales message.

Counters and Desks: Easy to assemble lightweight and interesting to look at. These professional looking counters create a great first impression when people walk onto your stand. Washable graphics mean you can keep them looking good event after event.

Hanging Displays: If you need to grab attention for a large stand at a show hanging tensioned displays can’t go unnoticed. They don’t use up an floor space and draw people to you whether it’s in a Shopping Centre, Exhibition Hall or Airport. They use the same slot together frame with a "pillowcase" tensioned fabric graphic and will usually be hung using cables. You will need permission to hang them but they offer a very cost effective way of making a big impact.

Tensioned fabric display stand Design hints and tips

The first decision is do you want to go for single or double-sided graphics? There tends to be no difference in cost. Most people opt for a double-sided graphic but if the rear of you stand is up against a wall you could go for a single colour.

Fabric stand care hints and tips

Dye sublimated graphics are very hard wearing making them ideal for high traffic environments but to get the very most out of your investment follow these simple tips:

  1. To make the frame portable the 30mm aluminium is lightweight so take care when you are putting the stand up and down of transporting it to make sure that the ends, in particular, don’t get bent or dented.
  2. Line up the seems of the graphic with the frame so you do not put undue strain on the sewn seems or the zip.
  3. One big advantage of stretch fabric graphics is they are washable. You can wash them multiple times so make sure you wash them from time to time to keep them looking their best.

Where to use a Formulate fabric display

A very versatile eye-catching display that takes just a few minutes to put up. The number of places you could make use of a formulate display is almost limitless. Our customers have used them for

  • Experiential Product Launches
  • Exhibition stands
  • Conference Backdrops
  • Red Carpet Photo Backdrops
  • Shopping Centres
  • Reception Areas
  • Fundraising
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