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Print Capabilities

Don't compromise your premium graphics. Our in-house studio is equipped with cutting edge print hardware, high quality inks and is backed by a team of design and print experts that will ensure your print is of the highest standard.

It's getting harder and harder to stand out from your competition and the quality & design of graphics can say a lot about your company. Saving a couple of pounds on print might sound like a good idea, but not all graphics are the same. While some print studios use cheap media, imported inks and choose to print at a lower resolution, we have invested heavily in the latest printing technology, to make sure you get the very best value for money. You might find slightly cheaper prices elsewhere, but you won't find better value.

Our prices are kept competitive by improving efficiency, not by cutting corners. Discount Displays for top quality vibrant graphics at competitive prices.

For samples or to get a true feel for our capabilities why not pay us a visit. If you would like to visit our print studio, please call us on 020 8664 5660 to arrange an appointment.

Plant List

HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer
The crown jewel of our studio, this is one of the best large format latex printers on the market. A truly hybrid printer that can handle both flexible and rigid materials. Not only is it able to print rigid boards and flexible material up to 2.5m wide, it also prints in white, opening up a whole new world of options. This printer can print onto pretty much any material you can think of, and does it in rapid time. This means we can produce large volumes of print to meet even the tightest deadlines.

The high quality latex inks leave behind no smell, and the 9 cartridge setup gives a vibrant colour and offers high adhesion and scratch resistance. Latex inks also have less impact on the environment than traditional solvent inks that are used elsewhere in the industry.
2 x HP Latex 360 Printer
HP Latex 360 Printer
This printer is fast, while producing top rate print finishes with extreme durability. Excels at jobs with a tight deadline, this printer can produce both indoor and outdoor prints on a wide variety of materials, including textiles. The high quality prints are scratch resistant comparable to hard solvent inks.Outdoor prints last up to 5 years laminated and 3 years unlaminated.

The colour print quality reaches 1200x1200dpi for vibrant graphic printing, and can print on rolls up to 64 inches wide. Utilizing the HP latex optimizer, the 6 print heads work to create odourless print results, making them ideal for environments such as healthcare and small spaces.
2 x 42" HPZ6100 1 x 60" HPZ6100
HPZ6100 - 2 x 42
Our HPZ6100 printers give a short term outdoor use but for long term applications we use solvent based eco inks. These durable prints are ideal for all out door applications such as hoardings, banners, signs, hoardings, posters billboards. Pavement signs, boat graphics, window signs, floor graphics, event signage, vinyl stickers and decals.

Our fast colour poster printing service uses the latest large format ink jet poster printers from HP. The vibrant inks used offer long term indoor and short term outdoor display. The large format output from these printers is ideal for retail and store displays such as posters, window graphics, exhibition panels, museum displays, trade show exhibits, graphic panels, research posters, maps, technical drawings, fine art prints, canvas prints

• Shorter turnaround times • Exceptional fade resistance • No minimum order • High impact photo realistic image quality • Deep vibrant colours bring poster to life • 6 colour printing for natural looking skin tones • Exceptional fade resistance(100 year archival) • Outstanding colour accuracy for repeat jobs
Zund Camera Controlled Multi Purpose Digital Die Cutter 3m x 1.8m
Zund Camera Controlled Multi Purpose Digital Die Cutter 3m x 1.8mZund Camera Controlled Multi Purpose Digital Die Cutter 3m x 1.8m zoomed in
An incredible addition to our large format armoury. This swiss made multi purpose digital die cutter uses high tech camera technology to offer perfect cutting of 100's of types of media. Not only can it Cut straight lines but it can cut complex shapes so there is no need for expensive dies. Cut to shape stickers, floor graphics, decal, window graphics, point of sale, life size products and people. It cuts paper, foam core, fabric, banner PVC.

• Superb finishing
• 100% accuracy
• No need for expensive die's to be made
• Affordable one off cut out shapes
• 3m x 1.8m cutting area
Seal Professional 60" Laminator and Mounting Machines
Seal Professional 60
Some large format printing needs finishing. This involves laminating with a protective clear material and mounting onto a substrate such as card, correx foames or MDF. .

• Laminating full colour prints with protective film
• Affordable one off cut out shapes
• Gloss, satin or matt finishes
• Affordable one off cut out shapes
• Mounting onto different substrates, Foamex, MDF, gatofoam, card, correx, fluted board, aluminium
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