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Etched Glass Effect Vinyl Window Graphics

Etched self-adhesive vinyl is ideal for retail signage applications, corporate identity and privacy screening, Our Etch Glass Effect Vinyl and Frosted vinyl offer a realistic, high quality and cost-effective alternative to traditional window etching or sandblasting. They also have the added advantage of being removable at a later date. Read More
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Key Features:
  • Creates an inexpensive sandblasted etched glass look
  • Help to reduce the risk of people walking into glass, as required by Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Heath & Safety) Regulations 1992
  • Transparent enough to allow light but opaque to offer privacy
  • Self adhesive vinyl with a frosted finish that fits the inside of window
  • We can typeset text in standard fonts
  • For Special text and logos - You need to supply artworkvector format
  • Easy to fit - Fitting instructions supplied
  • 7 year lifespan
  • Delivery: 2-5 Days
  • Bulk Discounts - Calculator includes great quantity discounts
  • Want a FREE sample? Click here or call 0844 800 1020
More Information
Design Type 1) See "Target Solicitors" image above. The lettering is removed from a sheet of etched vinyl. You can see through the glass where the lettering has been removed. This created a larger privacy area

Design type 2) See "VW" image above - This standard design we cut around the outside of the shape or letters with the inner spaces picked out.

With our vinyl your text or logo are cut by the computer out of a self-adhesive film for ultimate precision. We have a wide range of typefaces that be cut, but if you have a special typeface or a logo then we need the artwork in a vector format. Read our guide for vector format.

Graphics will normally be computer cut in reverse so it can be applied to the inside of the window facing out. This protects the film from the elements and vandalism. We use branded high quality etched vinyl with a minimum 7 year lifespan.

Etched glass effect window film can be used to create privacy, subtly advertise you company as well as complying with health and safety requirements. To comply with health and safety regulations large areas of glass have to be marked to prevent people walking in to them, these stickers are a perfect way to do this in a modern way.

If you are after vinyl lettering please use our vinyl lettering tool and select etched vinyl as your colour.
Product Specs

Additional Information

Name Etched Glass Vinyl
Type Etched Glass Effect Vinyl
Usage Glass windows
Durability Long Term
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor

Vinyl Lettering

If you just require vinyl lettering use our vinyl lettering tool. This tool creates a vector cutting file for you.

Vinyl Lettering Tool


Vinyl Logos

To cut your logo or graphic in vinyl we need a vector file. How can you tell if your art is Vector Art? One way is by the file type. Vector art is usually created in Adobe Illustrator, and is commonly saved with certain file extensions. The four most common Vector file extensions are .ai, .pdf, .eps and .svg. If you're not sure if you have vector art, send it to us and we will check it for free. For more information on vector art see our guide below.

Vector Art Guide


Are the stickers printed?
No they are computer cut into self-adhesive vinyl

What artwork do I need?
If it is straight forward text we can print it for you. If it is special text or a logo we need vector artwork which will normally be a file ending in .ai .eps .pdf

Can they be used outdoors?
Yes they are weatherproof. Often we supply them reverse cut so that you stick them on the inside of the window facing out. This protect them from vandals

Does this product have a sparkle?
No it has a finish that looks like frosted glass. If you are unsure Please contact us for a sample

Do you offer Frosted lettering?
Yes we have hundreds of fonts to choose from. You can use our free online design tool - lettering.html to type set your text. Make sure you choose “Etched Glass effect” under the colour option.

How is frosted vinyl supplied?
Once your design has been cut out and weeded. The finished design is overlayed with a transfer film. The transfer film keeps all the elements and letters in the correct place.

What material is your frosted window decal made out of?
Frosted window stickers and lettering are made from a very thin self-adhesive material called etched.
The Sticker comes with a clear backing that covers the graphic before installation.

Can I buy a blank sheet of frosted vinyl material?
Yes. Just put your sizes in the calculator and we will provide a square or rectangular sheets complete with fitting instructions. If you want for example shapes such as circles then please email us

What is the difference between etched glass stickers and frosted window stickers/lettering?
They are different words for the same product. Both self adhesive etch glass effect films

Can the decals be cut to shape? Individual letters?
We can pretty much just any design. However very small text of highly intricate designs are not particularly suite to this type of material. As with all signage and graphics simplicity is often the best solution in particular if you frosted window graphic have a privacy function or to stop people walking into the glass
How log will my etched effect vinyl last?
For use outdoors it depending on how exposed to the sun and elements but you are looking at three or more years. Indoors they will l last at least 6 years

Will the exposure to sun or the elements ruin my decal or lettering?
Frosted vinyl is weatherproof and can be used indoor or outdoor. Over time exposed to the elements, in particular, the sun will lead to shrinkage and degraded the sticker

Can you make any design?
We can pretty much make any design. However, the very small text of highly intricate designs are not particularly suited to this type of material. As with all signage and graphics, simplicity is often the best solution in particular if you frosted window graphic has a privacy function or to stop people walking into the glass

How small or big can my window decal be?
We don’t suggest having etched glass stickers any small than 150mm x 150mm. The largest size we can make is 1.2m high by any length. But keep in mind a sticker this size might need professional fitting

How do frosted window decals differ from clear or opaque window decals?
Frosted window decals bridge the gap between clear and opaque decals. Clear decals allow light to pass through them, while opaque decals don’t. Frosted decals allow some light and shadow through, making them ideal for privacy and decorative elements.

Will they be on the window permanently?
No they are self-adhesive and peel right off. You might be left with some glue residue but cleaning solution and/or a razor blade is an easy way to remove it leaving a window as good as the day you instead of the sticker.

What are frosted window decals and frosted lettering typically used for?
Frosted window lettering and stickers are used in both businesses and homes. They are popular for giving rooms additional privacy, preventing people from walking into windows and corporate branding. The added benefit is that they can be customised to give privacy but also display marketing messages and logos. Home uses include privacy in bathrooms or bedrooms or on a front door window as decoration.

Will it affect the amount of light in my shop?
It won’t block out all the light but will reduce it. Please ask us for a sample so you can decide if it suits your purpose

Can stick it on the inside of my window and have the graphics visible from the outside?
This is often the best solution it protects you sticker from passers-by and the worts of the weather. The image is cut in reverse so the adhesive is on the front of the design

Can the decal or lettering be used only on a glass surface?
They will work on any smooth clear surface so perspex in a partition would be fine

Does installation require more than one person?
For smaller frosted decals, installation can be done with one person. For large decals, they can be installed with one person using the right technique. If you haven’t done it before having two people is handy

How do I clean my sticker?
Wipe down the frosted sticker with a damp cloth.

Is it OK to wash my window with the decal or lettering fitted?
Take care so you don’t scratch the decal and don’t use power washers, Otherwise, it will be fine. Having the graphics reverse cut and installed on the inside obviously avoids any issues


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Arrived on time and were great
Sam M | 11/04/2019
The vinyls arrived on time and were good quality as expected from Discount Displays.
Bella | 09/04/2019
I'm very please with the graphics. I wasn't sure what they would look like but Linda was kind enough to send me a sample.