Outdoor Floor Stickers - Concrete, Tarmac, Tiles, Brick

Make maximum use of your outdoor floor space with these durable, printed floor stickers. A non-slip material with the ability to be easily applied to rough surfaces, such as brick, tarmac, concrete and paving slabs. When removed it also leaves no residue behind. Request a sample to see for yourself. Read More
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Key Features:
  • Bulk Discounts - Calculator includes great quantity discounts
  • Special vinyl sticks to Concrete, Tarmac,Tiles, Brick
  • Ideal for branding and way-finding
  • Can be contour cut to shape
  • Up to 1 year outdoors depending on application
  • Printed with a single spot colour up to full colours
  • Want a FREE sample? Click here or call 0844 800 1020
More Information

This floor graphic provides a durable non-slip surface that is tough and looks fantastic. Have your advertising message of information printed onto the sticker, and even have it contour cut to any shape you require.

This sticker, when applied to the floor, can last for up to 1 year outdoors, and longer if applied indoors, thanks to the long-lasting material it is printed on. This is designed with the intention of being applied to surfaces such as brick, concrete, tiling, tarmac and other rough surfaces, while conforming to the uneven, and rough shape, allowing for a smooth end result. Please note that application to painted surfaces is usually without issue but may cause damage to the surface it is applied on when removed.

The material used is an aluminium based substrate, allowing for a clean printing process that really pops from the floor. The non-slip finish adheres to the highest safety standards, this allows the floor graphic to be applied in many places such as; schools, car parks, bus stops, pools, airports, shopping centres, and many more places, even those with high foot traffic.

The final result once applied should be an even and smooth result; seamless from the applied surface, this is thanks to the aluminium based substrate meaning the material can conform to the surfaces it is applied to with ease, especially in comparison to vinyl graphics. During the application we recommend the use of a rubber hand roller, however, this is not essential but just makes the whole process easier.

When the floor graphic has served its purpose, simply to peel away from the applied surface leaving little to no residue. Then thanks to the material containing no PVC or hazardous materials just dispose of along with any other aluminium recycling.

Product Specs

Additional Information

Name Outdoor Floor Stickers
SKU avp-outdoor-sticker
Durability Long Term
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor

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Artwork information
What is the floor sticker made of?
The sticker is made of an aluminium substrate and a non-slip surface with reflective properties. This means the graphic is durable, easy to use, and highly visible.

Will the graphic stick out of the floor and possibly cause a hazard?
No. The material is designed with the intention of being smooth and conforming to any surface it is applied to. Additionally thanks to the non-slip surface it can even improve safety in high traffic areas.

Is a floor sticker the same as floor graphics and floor decals?
Yes. These are just some of the many possible names for a floor sticker.

What shapes can I have cut?
Any. We can contour cut your final design for an additional cost to create a dynamic and detailed look, however we recommend simpler shapes for ease of application.

Is there a maximum size I can order?
In terms of maximum size is 53 inches on any one side and can be up to 150 feet on the other, but can easily be butted together for extended designs.

What will the unprinted material look like?
Any unprinted material will be glossy white and highly reflective (creating three times the light than a small LED torch).

Is it weather resistant?
Highly. The material itself is a rugged and durable one, allowing for resistance in even the toughest of weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use. Please note that it must be applied to surfaces over 0°C, and will need to be within -40°C to 80°C once applied.

Will the sticker apply to uneven surfaces?
Yes. Thanks to the aluminium substrate the material will effortlessly conform to almost any uneven surface it is applied to.

How long will the floor sticker last?
If taken care of and is under not tampered with the floor sticker can easily last up to 1 year outdoors, and even longer indoors.

After removing will there be a residue?
Once you have removed the decal there should be little to no residue remaining. However, in the case of application to a painted flooring, there may be a residue and/or damage to the painted surface.

What surfaces am I able to apply the floor sticker on?
The floor sticker is intended to be used with rough surfaces such as; concrete, brick, tiles, and industrial blocks and stone, however, can also work with metal, glass, and painted floors as long as care is taken.

Where and how might I use this product?
This floor sticker can have a wide array of recommended uses, such as; for factory signage, warehouses, car parks, businesses, bus stops, train stations, and university campuses. But can be used for much more, and even for personal use, additionally thanks to the non-slip properties you may also choose to use this in order to improve the safety of areas.

How do I install the floor sticker?
Simply clean the surface to ensure it is free of any debris, dirt, or grime that may stop the adhesive working. A hose or power washer should be suitable. Then once the surface is completely dry remove the backing and lay upon the surface, pressing firmly to ensure full application. We recommend the use of a hand roller for ease but this is not required. For larger decals we recommended another set of hands or more, just to make the process easier, and the final result smoother. After 24 hours the adhesive should be completely set.

How do I discard of the floor sticker after use?
Just peel off the sticker, starting at any corner and peel away from the applied surface. Once removed place in the recycling as this product is 100% recyclable.

Am I able to clean the floor sticker?
Yes. We recommend the use of a soft cloth and warm water to avoid damaging the graphic. However, you can also use a low powered hose or pressure washer from a distance of 3 feet or more. Avoid anything with high pressure or the use of anything abrasive.

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Came through for me!
Tim C | 07/05/2019
Discount displays were one of the few companies who could supply nonslip floor graphics. They were very professional delivered on time, they were not frightened to try new products.
Printing quality good too!

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