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Promotional Counters

We have a wide range of portable promotional counters, which are ideal for in-store promotions, food sampling and as a point of focus kiosk at exhibitions. Choose from a variety of promoter units in different shapes and sizes to fulfil your promotional needs. Our demonstration units can be customised with your own company branding and logo. For more information select one of our counters below or call us on 020 8664 5660.

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  1. plastic portable demonstration counter
    Promotions Counter with Carry Bag
    Price from £84.95
    • Budget lightweight portable demonstration counter
    • Includes Custom Printed Graphics
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
    • Handy Internal storage shelf
    • Quick Easy Assembly - No tools
    Best Seller
  2. Solus promotor counter
    Solus Sales Promotion Stand
    Price From £125.00
    • Cost-effective display counter
    • Use double sided
    • Stack up to 3 stands
    • Black or White Finish
    • Option to add printed graphics
    • 844 (w) x 906 (h) x 415mm (d)
    Best Seller
  3. Action Promotor Portable Promo Counter
    Portable Flat Pack Promo Counter with Header and Two Shelves
    Price From £205.00
    • Internal shelf and hinged front
    • Flat counter top area
    • Offset front for adding posters easily
    • White Finish
    • Options to add printed graphics
    • 1000 (w) x 2210 (h) x 470mm (d)
    Best Seller
  4. Pop Up Dome Event Kiosk
    Custom Printed Pop Up Dome Event Kiosk - 2.8m (w) x 2.8m (h)
    • Dome event kiosk
    • Use indoors or outdoors
    • Custom printed graphics
    • 20 minute setup time
    • Water repellent
    • 2.76m (w) x 2.8m (h)
  5. Tornado Outdoor Sample Counter
    Tornado Outdoor Information Kiosk
    Price from £219.95
    • Purpose designed counter for outdoor use
    • Constructed from moulded HDPE and PVC tambour Tornado
    • Weatherproof, robust and durable
    • Water-filled for stability
  6. Black or white finish
    Demo Centre Counter Including Carry Bag
    Price From £139.00
    • Demo Counter Rounded front panel
    • Hinged panels - folds down
    • Rear storage area
    • Black or White Counter Finish
    • Option to add printed graphics
    • 95 (w) x 2200 (h) x 490mm (d)
  7. Classic promotor counter
    Classic Flat Packed Promotional Counter
    £189.00 was £199.00
    • Internal shelf at the back and hinged front
    • Includes counter, poles and 3mm thick header panels
    • Option to add printed graphics
    • 855 (w) x 2218 (h) x 470mm (d)
  8. Promotor Plus
    1235mm Wide Portable Flat Pack Marketing Counter
    Price From £269.95
    • Wide Marketing Counter
    • Top is reinforced for support
    • 2 internal shelves at rear
    • White Finish
    • 1235 (w) x 2213 (h) x 470mm (d)
  9. Demonstration Counter
    Standalone Demonstration Counter
    Price From £169.00
    • Durable portable demo counter
    • Polypropylene and super high impact polystyrene
    • Black or White Counter Finish
    • Option to add printed graphics
    • 985 (w) x 2300 (h) x 463mm (d)
  10. Compact Promoter
    Compact Promotional Display Unit
    Price From £199.00
    • Portable - Hinged body panels
    • Folds down
    • 2 Shelves at rear for storage
    • Available in Black or White Finish
    • Option for printed graphics
    • 855 (w) x 2218 (h) x 470mm (d)
  11. Champion Promoter
    Champion 1240mm Wide Promoter Counter
    Price From £315.00
    • Ultra wide C shaped counter
    • Includes 2 shelves at rear
    • Visible top and hidden food preparation area
    • Option to add printed graphics
    • 1240 (w) x 2448 (h) x 560mm (d)
  12. Merit Promoter
    Merit Portable Promoter Counter
    Price From £159.00
    • Portable Counter with round front
    • Rear internal shelf
    • Counter with 3mm header panels
    • Black or White counter finish
    • Option to add printed graphics
    • 795 (w) x 2200 (h) x 490mm (d)
  13. Promoter Promo Counter
    Promoter Trade Show Promo Counter
    Price From £175.00
    • Trade Show Counter with poles and double sided header panel
    • Rear internal shelf
    • White Finish
    • Add custom printed graphics
    • 826 (w) x 2200mm (h)
  14. Mini 750 Promoter
    Portable Kiosk Promoter Demo Counter 750mm high
    Price From £129.00
    • Small promotional portable kiosk
    • Portable kiosk with pole and 3mm header panel
    • Sleek white Finish
    • Add custom printed graphics
    • 570 (w) x 2218 (h) x 470mm (d)
  15. Promotional Kiosk
    Finesse Promotional Kiosk
    Price From £259.00
    • Lightweight yet strong promo kiosk
    • Assemble in 2-3 minutes
    • Black, white, silver or wood effect counter tops
    • Option to buy counter only or add poles and a header panel
    • Counter and header available with custom printed graphics
  16. Portable Display Counter
    Finesse 2 Portable Display Counter
    Price From £199.00
    • Narrower version of the Finesse
    • Assemble in less than 2 minutes
    • Choice of counter top colours
    • Counter only or add poles and header panel
    • Optional printed graphics
  17. Maxi 900 Promoter Counter
    Portable Flat Pack Maxi 900 Promoter Demo Counter
    Price From £167.50
    • Compact promotional counter
    • Internal shelf at rear of counter
    • Counter 3mm header panels
    • White Finish
    • Option for custom printed graphics
    • 570 (w) x 2218 (h) x 470mm (d)
  18. Bonus Promoter
    Bonus Flat Pack Promoter Food Sampling Counter with Shelf
    Price From £245.00
    • Half depth counter with lower work surface
    • Presentation 'window' for products
    • White finish
    • Option to add printed graphics
    • 855 (w) x 2218 (h) x 470mm (d)
  19. Wheeled In-Store Promotions Unit
    Wheeled In-Store Promotions Unit
    Price From £155.00
    • Wheeled Promotions Stand
    • Option for base counter only or add poles and header
    • Internal shelf and wipe clean top
    • Counter height: 910mm
    • Header panel size: 345 x 795mm
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About Our Promotional Counters

Promotional counters, demonstration units, sampling stands. Range of promotional counters that can be customised with your own branding and company logo. Perfect for in-store demonstration counters or sampling units, available in a variety of styles to suit any retail or promotional environment. Portable promoter counters have been used for food and drink samples, as a booth at exhibitions to hand out promotional literature or a stall at fairs and fetes. Freestandng kiosks are easily assembled and transported making them ideal for temporary promotional events.

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