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Correx Material Guide

What Is Correx

Low cost, light weight and weather proof corrugated universal sign material. Correx fluted board is ideal for all types of temporary signage. A good way to describe it is as a full weather proof plastic cardboard. Correx, also known as fluted polypropylene, is ideally suited to outdoor temporary signage and property signs. It has a slightly wavy surface, so comes second to Foamex when viewed close up.

What Is Correx Used For

  • Temporary Signs
  • Site Boards
  • Exhibition Directional Signs
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Indoor POP
  • Event Graphics
  • Folding Displays
  • Temporary Traffic / Road Signs
  • Estate Agent For Sale & To Let

Why Is It Popular For Signs

It is cost effective and has a great strength to weight ratio. It might not have the polished look of Foamex, but it is equally weather proof and cheaper, making it ideal for all signage. It is more of an industrial product than Foamex, which is better for displays and marketing signage.

Where Can I Use Correx

Correx is 100% weatherproof, and is unaffected by changes in temperature so it can be used for outdoor applications. It is more suited to information and warning signs rather than display signs. In exposed areas the sign can be mounted to an additional wooden board to add strength, otherwise it can be prone to bending along the flutes when subject to a high wind load.

How Is It Printed

We print direct to the panel using durable latex inks. Digital printing works exceptionally well on Correx signs, enabling you to create a high quality design with a professional finish. Due to the corrugated core the surface has a very slight wavy effect.

How Can I Fix Correx

Cable ties are the most popular method. You can also use large head clout nails, screws with washers, glue or Velcro. We also have a range of sign holders specifically designed for Correx.

Can It Be Shaped

Correx can be cut to shape for cheap throwaway signs such as life size cut outs of people and products that can be used indoors or outdoors. Due to the corrugated nature you do not end up with a crisp edge but it is hardly noticeable.

What Sizes Are Available

The most popular thickness is 4mm, which comes in a maximum size of 2440mm x 12200mm. Custom sizes are available online, by using our Correx calculator.

What Colours Do You Print On

We print onto white Correx material. Other colours are available on request.

Can It Be Recycled

Correx can be recycled along with other PVC products.

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