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Hygiene Screens

We have put together a range of desktop, floor standing and suspended hygiene screens to help you implement social distancing guidelines at your place of work in order to reduce the spread of virus transmission and protect your customers and staff. Choose from a wide selection of different screens sizes and styles to suit all budgets. If you need any help choosing a social distancing screen solution please call our team on 020 8664 5660 for straight forward, expert advice.

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About Social Distancing Screens

Social distancing measures have been put in place in work settings across the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of these measures is to keep a space between people to help reduce the transmission of viruses, which increases as people come into close contact with one another.

Our range of social distancing screens (also called sneeze guards, cough guards or hygiene screens) has been designed to cater for all types of work environments and budgets. From easy to set up floor standing screens, that make excellent dividers in large areas, to desktop screens which are often seen in pay points at shops.

At Discount Displays we offer a wide range of Covid hygiene screens to suit all budgets and hold big stocks in our warehouse for rapid next day delivery.

Social distancing screens are popular with hairdressers, supermarkets, reception areas, offices, schools, and leisure centres and we've been able to work with hundreds of these types of workplaces over the last few months to provide them with screens to help them reopen as safely as possible.

PPE screens give an added layer of safety and comfort to visitors and staff. They have become an essential safety measure during the current crisis, to protect staff and visitors and help enforce social distancing. They help combat the spread of infection..

To keep interaction between customers and staff as normal as possible the majority of our screens are made from either acrylic or PET, which provides a secure physical barrier that doesn't break easily and provides exceptional clarity. Perspex (or Acrylic) is the more expensive solution but is more durable and can be fabricated so you don’t need a frame. A very effective solution is to use thinner and much cheaper PET clear plastic. PET provides the same protection at a fraction of the cost. We offer both options across our range of floor standing screens and desktop sneeze guards.

Our screens can be cleaned with mild soap and a soft cloth, but for maximum longevity we recommend our VuPlex acrylic cleaner which is designed to clean and provide scratch resistance to the surface.

In addition to our clear screens, we also have fabric panel dividers, which are used to provide an opaque partition. We also offer a green screen stand, which is ideal when working from home to provide a customised background.

Economy Sneeze Guards

Cost-effective virus protection screens. These freestanding screens have a simple plastic frame and a clear PET window. Supplied flat packed they simply slot together. A great solution where multi-screens are required and budgets are tight. Available as plain desk screens or printed with your message. Popular as counter screens in shops and reception areas. They often have cut outs so that credit cards and payment machines can be passed through.

Tabletop Counter Protection Screens

You may have seen these screens used on reception desks and checkouts in supermarkets or separating diners in a restaurant. They can be broadly divided into two styles - freestanding and clamped.

Freestanding screens can either have a frame or be frameless. The benefit of a frame is that the clear material can be PET which gives a big saving over the cost of perspex. Both systems are supplied flat packed and benefit from tool-less assembly. For a more permanent solution, they can be screwed or stuck to a countertop.

A really versatile perspex office screen solution is our unique clamp perspex screen system. Attach them to a desk or table then slot in the 4mm clear acrylic sheet to create a secure office partition. These can be used as desk separators and dividers in offices or as counter guards between staff and customers.

Clamps are also on sale for customers who want to provide their own material. If you are planning on how to bring staff back into your office consider office screens to help with social distancing.

Hanging Covid Sneeze Screens

Using our popular cable displays system of cables and clamps, a sheet of clear perspex is suspended between staff and customers. The height can easily be adjusted so that there is a gap at the bottom ideal for nail bars etc. Our hanging perspex sneeze screen is a cost-effective solution, as they can be suspended from most types of ceiling. Easy to hang protection screens which don’t take up counter space.

Floor-standing Protection Screens

Floor standing screens help enforce social distancing in places such as hairdressers, restaurants and gyms where the screens can be placed between sinks, tables and running machines. We have taken our traditional roller banner screens and added clear material rather that the traditional printed graphics.

Retractable roller banners with clear screens provide a very economical and flexible solution and are easy to transport and store. Creating a protective screen barrier has never been cheaper or easier.

Other solutions we provide are free-standing screens framed with a silver finished aluminium frame and a clear PET panel. They can be used with flat feet or for more versatility and portability locking wheels to provide a mobile divider screen. This incredibly versatile system is available with various joining clamps so that you can build walls and booths at a fraction of the price of similar solutions. These linking separation screens can be wheeled or flat to provide flexibility.

Benefits of Covid-19 Screens
  • Help to protect staff and customers
  • Create safer and more hygienic workspaces
  • Affordable and flexible solutions
  • Ease worries of visitors and staff
  • Freestanding, mobile and easy to deploy
  • Effective virus control screens

Popular Usage
  • Offices and public buildings
  • Receptions & waiting rooms
  • Nail bars, beauty salons and hairdressers
  • Schools & universities
  • Retail & shopping centres
  • Trade counters
  • Industrial and warehouse spaces
  • Nursing homes

As well as our range of hygiene screens, we also offer a variety of products designed to help you implement social distancing guidelines at your workplace. From hand sanitising stations to floor and table stickers and much more. Check out our social distancing solutions to see our full range.